Rates and Fees

Rates and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Equipment In House Commercial
Leica SP8X Multiphoton Confocal $75.00/hr $175.00/hr
Leica SPE Confocal $40.00/hr $160.00/hr
Leica GSD/TIRF Widefield $50.00/hr $160.00/hr
Leica THUNDER Model Organism Imager $35.00/hr $150.00/hr
Leica DM750P Polarized Light $15.00/hr $60.00/hr
Leica M125 Stereoscope $15.00/hr $75.00/hr

Leica Laser Microdissection

  • PEN/PET Slides
  • Petri Dishes
  • PCR Tubes
  • Camera Only


  • $16.50/each
  • $25.00/each
  • $2.50/50
  • $30.00/hr


  • $20.00/each
  • $30.00/each
  • $3.00/50
  • $125.00/hr
Nikon TI Eclipse Spectral Confocal $38.00/hr $160.00/hr
Nikon AZ 100 $33.00/hr $140.00/hr
Nikon LV-UDM $33.00/hr $140.00/hr
Olympus LEXT $35.00/hr $150.00/hr
CytoViva Hyperspectral $30.00/hr $125.00/hr
GE IN Cell Analyzer 2500 HS $60.00/hr $150.00/hr
Biorad S3E Cellsorter $50.00/hr $125.00/hr
Countess Slides $2.50/each $2.50/each
Tali Slides $5.00/each $5.00/each
Technician Time $40.00/hr $120.00/hr
Analysis Stations $2.50/hr $2.50/hr