iLab PI

Research Groups, also known as labs, is a house for a PI, their researchers, and Project IDs. The PI and lab manager can manage the researchers and assign Project IDs within the lab. Many Clemson University Principal Investigators have pre-made groups within iLab. See instructions below for accessing your Lab.

There may be cases where a PI does not have a pre-made Research group. The PI will need to register in iLab, and request to join the Admin (Clemson) Lab. Their lab will then need to be manually created by an Institution Administrator.

  • To Register as a new PI

    Navigate to the core page: 

    In the upper-right-hand corner of the screen click ‘Register,’ and select the register using the credentials link if you are part of the institution.

    You will be directed to an authentication page where you will need to enter your Clemson University credentials.

    Once you have entered your credentials, click the ‘Login’ button.

    You will be directed to an iLab Registration page where you will need to select Admin (Clemson) Lab and enter your contact information.

    Once your registration has been submitted, Clemson iLab Administrators will receive your request to join the admin group and manually create a personal Lab group for you.


  • Accessing your Lab

    Log in at with your Clemson credentials.

    Click ‘My Groups’ in the left-hand navigation panel to see a list of labs you manage.

    Click the lab name to enter the lab to adjust settings, members, and Project assign.


  • Accepting a member into your lab

    Navigate to your lab.

    Click the ‘Membership Requests & Project ID’ tab; This will show any pending membership request.

    Approve or reject the membership request; If a researcher selected the incorrect lab, an institution admin can choose ‘change lab’ to update membership.

    After approving the member’s account, assign Project ID(s) to the new member.


    Any funds (Project Ids) that you have access to will need to be attached to your page for future billing when you use the cores. You can also assign project ids to any students who register as members of your lab. The instructions for adding new funds are below

  • Requesting Access to Non-sponsored Project IDs

    Institution admins, PIs, and Lab Managers can request access to a non-sponsored Project ID that is not readily visible on their Group or Lab page. A non-sponsored Project ID comes through in the nightly fund file with an identifier that it is non-sponsored. These Project IDs live in the background within iLab waiting to be manually added to a lab.

    Navigate to your lab.

    On the ‘Membership Request & Project ID’ tab, expand the section, ‘Request access to additional Project IDs’, found below the Project ID Grid.

    Enter the Project ID   within the text box. Dept Id may be 3 or 4 digits, drop the leading 0 (ie xxx, not 0xxx) if the desired account is not found. 

    Click ‘Request’.

    If the Project ID is valid, a request will be sent to the fund owner for approval.

    If an error message is received, that project ID has not been included in the iLab nightly fund file. Email Justin Scott ( with the FULL chartstring and fund owner's name for access.


  • Assigning Projects to Members of a Lab

    The ‘Manage Project ID’ section will include a grid of all members that have been given access to your lab and Project IDs that you own. To bill for services at a core facility, the user must be assigned a Project ID.

    Within your lab, navigate to the ‘Membership Requests & Project ID’ tab.

    In the ‘Manage Project ID’ section, click on the appropriate check box to assign a Project ID to a member.

    Assign the appropriate Project ID(s) to each member on the list.

    When the box turns green, the information has been applied to the member.