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The College of Education exists to promote the growth, education and development of all individuals. As our students engage in high-quality research, learning and outreach, they are being shaped into change-agents – individuals who help learners of all ages grow and stretch to reach their fullest potential. Student by student, person by person, we build communities of success – with higher paying jobs, better overall health, less crime, and a deeper appreciation for diversity. We ask you to support – our college, our students, our schools, and our communities – as we work together to transform education and the lives of the learners in our reach.

Dean's Excellence Fund

The competition continues to grow for the best faculty, brightest students and most groundbreaking research. To ensure we continue to systematically improve education within a top national university, the College of Education must provide critical funds to increase programmatic offerings to our students and faculty, uniquely positioning the college to provide leadership through innovative education, research and service. The Dean’s Excellence Fund supports the following areas: Scholarships, Faculty Growth and Research, and Innovative Projects.


Student Scholarships

Every student you support has an increased opportunity to achieve. Students have many needs and we want to open doors for them. Your gifts provide scholarships, travel funding, and wrap-around support such as child care, technology aides, and conference registration fees.

Your gifts support:
• Teacher Resident Scholarships
• Student Conference and Presentation Travel
• Technology Innovations
• Student Services Support
• Student Scholarships (Graduate and Undergraduate)



Support for faculty growth and research brings positive strategies to the forefront and helps to build best practice. Research fellowships, presentation assistance, graduate assistantships, and project start-ups help our faculty growth and build impact through research.

Your gifts support:
• Associate Dean Research Fellowships
• Faculty Awards
• Faculty Leadership Opportunities



Innovation is the key to different results. We seek solutions to challenges in access, equity and quality for all students, understanding that our communities are built on quality education opportunities for everyone. We know that education has a direct impact on economic development, both among communities and individuals.

Your gifts support:
• Master Teacher Scholarships
• Teacher Residency Expansion
• Professional Development Seminar Scholarships

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