QEP 2023


Clemson University will launch a new Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) in 2023 to impact student learning and/or student success. 

SACSCOC Standard 7.2 reads: The institution has a Quality Enhancement Plan that (a) has a topic identified through its ongoing, comprehensive planning and evaluation processes; (b) has broad-based support of institutional constituencies; (c) focuses on improving specific student learning outcomes and/or student success; (d) commits resources to initiate, implement, and complete the QEP; and (e) includes a plan to assess achievement.  

As we develop our plan, this page serves as a communication to our Clemson University stakeholders of where we are in the process and how you can continue to be informed and involved. 


2022: Project Planning Phase, Continued

In July 2022, a QEP Update was presented to the Board Of Trustees at their quarterly meeting by Provost Jones.

A working QEP Retreat was held June 10, 2022 to begin the transformation of the topic to a strategically-oriented and tactical plan. This retreat brought together our QEP Leadership, staff, faculty, administrative leadership, current students, and University alumni. Our aim was to achieve a broad representation of stakeholders across campus (and outside of campus), and secure diverse insight, feedback, and wisdom on our proposed topic and tactical options.

2021-2022: Project Planning Phase

Working with 4 subcommittees and a steering committee, we will be developing our intended topic into a full plan.

You can read more here: QEP Project Development Phase

You can provide your interest in a subcommittee here: Qualtrics survey

2020-2021: Exploratory Phase

A team met over the academic year to collect and analyze 15 data sets on student learning and success. They discussed with broad stakeholders, elicited feedback from the campus, and created an internal 25-page summary and topic suggestion.

You can read a version of the summary and topic suggestion here: QEP Exploratory Phase Report

Link to Our Clemson article about the process: Our Clemson, February 2021

2019-2020: Initiation Phase

Academic and shared governance leaders created the overview and timeline for the QEP process. (*Note: COVID-19 necessitated a redirection of personnel to academic and business continuity, so our timeline necessarily shifted.)

You can read more here:  QEP Memo 2020

QEP Steering Committee

Tiger Paw
Dr. Abby Baker

QEP Director
Phone: 864-656-1410
Email: bakera@clemson.edu

Dr. Abby Baker serves as the 2023 QEP Director. Baker is a two-time graduate of Clemson (’15, ’21) and has always been intrigued by learning that happens in “the margins”. This interest fueled her interest to pursue a Ph.D. in Learning Sciences, where her dissertation examined student perspectives on using university makerspaces and documenting the types of learning that occurred. While in graduate school, Baker co-founded a nonprofit, Holly Springs Center, in her hometown that gave new purpose to her former elementary school to include a play-based preschool, arts and cultural classes, and a community center for the local residents. Baker served as the Executive Director at Holly Springs Center for six years (’16 – ’21). Meanwhile, Baker worked within the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at Clemson for the last six years in various supporting roles of Institutional Accreditation and Assessment efforts. Baker’s course, Youth & Technology in the PRTM department at Clemson, encourages students to explore current uses of technology by youth and how that engagement influences their own development and the world around them.


Tiger Paw
Kayla Payne

Co-Chair, Assessment + Research
Phone: 864-656-3225
Email: ksteel2@clemson.edu

Kayla is the co-chair of the QEP Assessment + Research committee and the CAFLS Chief of Staff. As CAFLS Chief of Staff, Payne's duties are college-wide and include: assisting the Dean with developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining College strategic initiatives; serving as strategic advisor and counsel to the Dean; assuming day-to-day responsibility for projects and tasks; creating and maintaining cross-departmental/unit relationships to enable leadership success; and taking the strategic lead on high-profile projects.


Tiger Paw
Dr. Brian Dominy

Co-Chair, Assessment + Research
Phone: 864-656-7702
Email: dominy@clemson.edu

Dr. Brian Dominy is the co-chair of the QEP Assessment + Research committee, Associate Dean of Clemson's Graduate School, Assessment Liaison for the College of Science, and Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry. As associate dean of the graduate school, Dominy's duties center on developing equitable university academic policies supporting graduate student success, and supporting the continuous improvement of graduate programs university-wide through the GAPS (Graduate Academic Program Self) Review program. As the assessment liaison for the College of Science, Dominy supports college faculty engaged in developing practical and effective assessment plans that drive the continuous improvement of undergraduate and graduate programs. As an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry, Dominy's duties focus primarily on supporting student learning and success through impactful physical chemistry courses and mentored research experiences from the bachelors to doctoral level. 


Tiger Paw
Chris Wood

Chair, Resources
Phone: 864-656-0772
Email: wood6@clemson.edu

Chris Wood is the chair of the QEP resources committee and currently serves as the senior financial analyst for the office of the provost. Wood prepares detailed and high level reports and analysis at the request of the Associate Vice President for Academic Finance and Operations, Provost and other Senior Administration. Analysis areas include academic hiring, academic budgets, special programs, university lab and classroom fees, graduate tuition, grants within the Provost area as well as serving as the Academic Affairs representative to the Student Fee Committee, University Vending Committee, and other committees as requested. Wood also serves at the College/Division Post Award Grant contact for the Provost and Academic Affairs.


Tiger Paw
Zack Flathmann

Co-Chair, Reporting, Compliance, Marketing, and Communication
Phone: 864-656-2000
Email: zflathm@clemson.edu

Zack Flathmann is the co-chair of the QEP Reporting, Compliance, Marketing, and Communication committee and the interim Director of Business Intelligence. As the interim Director of Business Intelligence, Flathmann's duties are focused within the Finance and Operations (F&O) department of the University. There, he works with Clemson's CFO and Executive Vice President of F&O to ensure that the University appropriately manages its finances, business strategy, and enterprise risk. Flathmann has an extensive background in Marketing for various corporate businesses and has served as a co-instructor of the Creative Inquiry team assembled to develop a QEP marketing strategy for our student audiences. Finally, Flathmann has taught many leisure skill courses for the PRTM department, where EL is the core pedagogy of instruction.  


Tiger Paw
Ashley Fisk

Co-Chair, Reporting, Compliance, Marketing, and Communication
Phone: 864-656-5417
Email: cowden2@clemson.edu

Ashley Fisk is the QEP co-chair of the Reporting, Compliance, Marketing, and Communication committee and has been teaching in the English department since 2003. In 2010 she was promoted to Senior Lecturer, and in 2022 she was promoted to Principal Lecturer. Her teaching philosophy involves active learning, rhetorical problem-solving, and collaboration. Professor Fisk wants to engage her students in meaningful writing projects to help facilitate the transfer of skills to workplace situations and other courses. Her classes are student-centered where her students shape the project, giving them more ownership over the process. Professor Fisk's classes have completed around 200 client projects. She teaches 1030, 3040, 3150, and 4990.

QEP Resources

QEP Presentation to Creative Inquiry Mentor Forum

From March 16th, 2023
Link: Presentation

On Thursday, March 16th, Dr. Abby Baker gave a report on the status of the QEP at the Creative Inquiry Mentoring Forum. This presentation included a holstic overview of what a QEP is, what CU-ExL is, and how the QEP and Creative Inquiry intersect. You can view the whole presentation by clicking the link above.


QEP Clemson News Articles

From 2021 to 2022
Link: View Articles

From 2021 to present, three Clemson News articles, about the QEP, have been written. You can view the articles by clicking the link above. These articles detail the call for Students, Faculty, and Staff to participate in the QEP as well as other information regarding the QEP.


QEP Compliance Report

From September 2022
Link: View Report

In September 2022, the QEP team submitted their Compliance Report to SACSCOC, which detailed initial information regarding the 2023 QEP, CU-ExL. This report goes into the reasoning on why Experiential Learning was chosen as a topic as well as different literature that supports the benefits of Experiential Learning. You can view the report by clicking on the link above. 


Leave Your Feedback!

We encourage you to leave your feedback for our QEP leadership here: Feedback Form

For More Information

Please contact the QEP Director, Dr. Abby Baker (BakerA@Clemson.edu).