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Clemson Collaborations in Service-Learning Archived Webcast

Clemson’s EDGE Semester in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management: Using Student Engagement Experiences to Create a Meaningful and Effective Learning Environment

Archived Webcast November 8, 2012

Staring the Spring of 2010, Clemson University’s Department of Park, Recreation and Tourism Management (PRTM) implemented a collaborative and unique approach to delivering of core PRTM content to all sophomore PRTM majors. The PRTM EDGE (Engaging in Diverse Guided Experiences) Semester looks and feels much different from the traditional approaches to teach and learn in a higher education setting. Both faculty members and students in the PRTM EDGE Semester have no course obligations outside of the PRTM EDGE Semester, freeing them from the constraints of covering course material in 50 minute or 75 minute time blocks. Basically for this semester the students own the faculty’s time and the faculty own the students’ time. With this flexibility, core course content is interwoven throughout the semester and taught using a variety of modalities including but not limited to: field experiences, service learning, small and large group work, learning portfolios, volunteer experiences in the community, participation in workshops and conferences, lectures, creative inquiry, and field trips to visit with leading PRTM professionals. Course content is not bound by the course; rather, content is delivered by whatever method best answers the question “What is the most meaningful and effective way to deliver the course material?” This flexibility means that both faculty members and students are teaching and learning course material in an integrative, interactive, and interconnected manner.  No learning in the PRTM EDGE Semester takes place in isolation.

The focus of this semester is not only to prepare students for their chosen profession but to also assist them in the development of skills and knowledge needed to be contributing and engaged members of society.

This webcast will discuss how the PRTM EDGE semester infuses service learning and community-based research in undergraduate curriculum.

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Fran McGuire Teresa Tucker Rita Penniman
Francis McGuire Teresa Tucker Rita Penniman


Dr. Francis A. McGuire is an Alumni Distinguished Professor in the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management at Clemson University, as well as a Fellow in the Strom Thurmond Institute. He earned a bachelor's degree from Cornell University, a Master of Science from Penn State and a doctorate from the University of Illinois. He has been at Clemson since 1981. He is one of 22 faculty winners of the Clemson University class ‘39 Award for Excellence and is a proud honorary member of that class. He was selected as the South Carolina Governor’s Professor of the Year in 2004.  He was the Clemson University Centennial Professor from 1994 to 1996 and has received the Philip Prince Award for Innovative Teaching. He has served as President of the Faculty Senate and as the Faculty Representative to the Clemson University Board of Trustees.

Link to the PRTM EDGE website;
Link to Fran's convocation speech about EDGE:

Dr. Teresa W. Tucker is a Lecturer and Coordinator of the EDGE Program in the Department of Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Management at Clemson University. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Presbyterian College, a Master of Science from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Cortland and a doctorate at Clemson University. In 2011 she, along with other 4 faculty members from the EDGE program, received  the College of Health, Education and Human Service award for Excellence in Innovation. She also received the Marge Scanlon Outstanding Camp Research Award. Her research interests include curriculum development, youth development, and inclusive recreation experiences for people with disabilities. Teresa is also a Clemson University Service Alliance Faculty Fellow.

Rita Penniman is a junior in the Clemson University’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management undergraduate degree program.  She is originally from Canton, GA and looks to pursue a career in the field of Therapeutic Recreation. She participated in the PRTM EDGE semester in Spring 2012 and in doing so, was able to participate in multiple service learning activities.

Clemson Collaborations in Service-Learning Webcast

Clemson University Collaborations in Service-Learning is sponsored by the Clemson Service Alliance. The Service Alliance promotes the use of community service and service-learning by Clemson faculty in classes with both undergraduate and graduate students in all major disciplinary areas. The Collaborations radio webcasts are an opportunity to hear from some of our Clemson Service Alliance Faculty Fellows, their students, and their community partners about  service-learning projects around the state of S.C., and to learn about the impact of these service-learning projects on the community and on student learning outcomes.  In 2012- 2013, we will be focusing on service –learning classes in five different disciplinary areas:  Planning and Landscape Architecture, English, Languages, Teacher Education, and Nursing. Thank you for participating, and we hope that service-learning practitioners in both K-12 and higher education will find these workshops very helpful in the course development, implementation, and evaluation process.
This program comes to you as a public service of Clemson University. There is no fee, and no registration is required. You may listen to the program and view the supplementary materials using only your computer. You will need to call in if you wish to speak on the live program.