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Welcome to PRTM EDGE!

 PRTM Students Engaging in Diverse, Guided Experiences

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The PRTM EDGE philosophy: Learning should take place wherever, whenever, with whomever, and however best facilitates an authentic connection between student, faculty, and content.


PRTM EDGE is a complete immersive experience for our second semester sophomores that takes a collaborative approach to the delivery of core PRTM content. During the semester, the faculty and students experience innovative teaching methods, Creative Inquiry research, real world experiences, and experiential learning.

The 21st century learner

In the new millennium, students have changed, faculty have changed, universities have changed, and the work environment has changed. However, the traditional delivery system of course content (2 or 3 class meetings for 50 or 75 minutes each week, primarily lectures/discussion, contained within 4 walls) has not changed.

New delivery methods are necessary to engender skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, written and oral communication, creativity, self-direction, leadership, adaptability, responsibility, and global awareness as described by Nancy Walser in an article entitled “Teaching 21st Century Skills” in the October, 2008, Harvard Education Letter. Integrating undergraduate research, service learning, campus and community engagement, travel experiences, team building, and cross-disciplinary understanding into how we deliver our curriculum is absolutely vital to addressing the realities of and adapting to the dynamic global community.

The road to EDGE

The Clemson PRTM faculty had a strong conviction that a new model was necessary to:

  • Reduce curriculum redundancy
  • Rethink learning objectives
  • Refocus on 21st century skills
  • Re-energize students and faculty

Our curriculum needed to become more adaptable, responsive, timely, and innovative to reflect the world in which we live.  Our solution was PRTM EDGE which enters its second year in Spring 2011.

The team behind PRTM EDGE

The transformation in the PRTM curriculum could not be the responsibility of one person.  Rather, as we encourage our students to do during EDGE, a team of faculty members and graduate students, with the support of individuals within our department, the College of HEHD, and the University, collaborate to make EDGE happen.  Want to learn more about the PRTM EDGE team who've helped develop EDGE?  Click here!

How PRTM EDGE works

During PRTM EDGE, students spend the semester taking a common 12-credit core, composed of four courses and a Creative Inquiry class. There is no set time to meet, no set location for meeting, and no permanent instructor. Sometimes students meet in groups of 8, 16, 32 or 120. Sometimes they meet in a classroom, a computer lab, an auditorium, a conference room or the forest. Sometimes they receive a lecture, work on a business plan, present a report, or go on an extended field trip. Whatever size, setting, and modality best fits the task. Want an inside look at PRTM EDGE? Click here!


Peruse our website to find out more about how EDGE works, our PRTM EDGE Student Advisory Board, our ideas for future directions, our PRTM EDGE team, and the FAQs we frequently encounter about EDGE. Still have questions or want more information? Contact our PRTM EDGE Coordinator, Teresa Tucker at!