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Revenue-Based Budgeting at Clemson

Why Now?

In April 2023, Clemson University launched its new strategic plan – Clemson Elevate. The goals set in Clemson Elevate include delivering the No. 1 student experience, doubling research by 2035 and transforming lives across our state and beyond. Financial stewardship is vital to achieving even newer heights for the University while embracing transformative change, and success depends on effective management of our costs and smart revenue growth.

Revenue-based budgeting incentivizes innovation and entrepreneurship and unlocks opportunities for leadership to embrace a structure for effective decision making. This widely used revenue-based budgeting method ensures transparency and streamlines college- and division-level decision-making while drawing from existing successful practices to align budget authority with accountability and responsibility.

This exciting shift positions Clemson strategically for future success.

Guiding Principles

Revenue-based budgeting at Clemson follows these guiding principles:


Support the University's land-grant mission, leading to achieving goals as defined in Clemson's strategic plan, Clemson Elevate.


Be simple to articulate and ensure transparency.


Be data-driven and enable predictability that allows for multi-year planning.


Align budgetary authority with responsibility and accountability.


Incentivize efficiency, collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship in line with Clemson Elevate.

Revenue-Based Budgeting
Revenue-Based Budgeting | Division of Finance & Operations