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Study Abroad

The College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences (CBSHS) offers several opportunities for students to travel and study abroad. Study abroad, international internships and service-learning open minds to new ways of thinking and learning through experiences. Navigating and adapting to unfamiliar environments, communicating across cultures, curiosity and questioning that lead to creative problem solving  these are all essential components of a 21st-century education and enhanced by global experiences.

Whether you are studying sustainability in Sweden, communication in Germany or world politics in Serbia, all of our programs have a common thread of building people and communities and learning and growing and we seek to make the world a better place.

Getting Started

  • Attend a Study Abroad 101 session Learn about program options, financial aid information, how to apply credit earned abroad towards your degree, and get your questions answered! Dates and times can be found here.
  • Research program options  Utilize the Clemson Abroad website and program search tool to explore study abroad program options.
  • Meet with your academic advisor
    • Review program choices identified in the meeting with the Study Abroad advisor.
    • Identify potential classes to take while abroad that fulfill your academic requirements.
    • Determine where going abroad works best with your degree plan and learning path.
  • Apply  All Clemson students who are planning to study abroad must complete the Clemson Study Abroad application for their chosen program. Program applications are available online.

Application Deadlines
  • March 1  Summer and fall semester programs
  • October 1  Spring semester programs

Depending on the program, these common deadlines may vary. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm specific program deadlines.

Faculty-Directed Programs

The faculty-directed programs below are designed by Clemson faculty members and/or academic departments for Clemson students. Faculty-directed programs are broken down into three different types:

  • For summer or short-term programs, Clemson faculty travel abroad with the students and teach one or all courses.
  • Semester programs draw on the knowledge and expertise of local faculty who have been vetted by Clemson.
  • A custom program, a special type of faculty-directed program, is administered by a provider organization according to specifications of a CBSHS department.
  • Summer in the Balkans

    This is a unique opportunity to learn about European post-conflict societies — a troubled history, current developments, culture and people — by submerging yourself in a foreign, friendly environment. You will meet people from all strata of life and absorb new knowledge by socializing with your peers, making friends and experiencing one of the most vibrant and hospitable European capitals. You will learn and develop skills through interaction with Serbian, Montenegrin and Croatian students, faculty and high-ranking officials. You will broaden your horizons, better understand developments in Europe, and form your own opinion about major issues. But the life experiences will be just as rewarding. You will enjoy the countryside, the magnificent Adriatic Sea beaches, the unparalleled beauty of the Mediterranean coast, and three of the best-preserved medieval cities in the world.

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    Dr. Vladimir Matic 
    (864) 656-3233 

    Dr. Jeffrey Peake 
    (864) 656-4653

  • Spring Semester in Belgrade, Serbia

    The spring semester in Belgrade allows students to gain a truly international perspective on world politics and international relations while studying and living in a cosmopolitan European capital city. The program includes several excursions within Serbia and the Balkan region in which students interact with Serbian students, officials in the Serbian government, and representatives of local non-governmental organizations. Satisfy most of your global politics or political science minor requirements or many of your political science major requirements while spending a semester abroad gaining a true international perspective. All courses are taught in English by top Belgrade University professors.

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    Dr. Vladimir Matic 
    (864) 656-3233 

    Dr. Jeffrey Peake 
    (864) 656-4653

  • Spring Break in the Dominican Republic

    Nurse practitioner and nursing students will take part in an international medical trip to the Dominican Republic with a Volunteers in Medical Missions team. This adventure will provide you a great opportunity to interact with people of the Dominican Republic. The team will arrive in Santo Domingo on Saturday, where you will spend a night at a local hotel. On Sunday, you will travel west (3-4 hours) to San Juan de la Maguana, where you will stay in a guesthouse with dormitory style lodging, which accommodates volunteer teams. Each day, the medical team will travel to various villages in a poor area and hold medical clinics. You will return to Santo Domingo on Friday for sightseeing and then fly home on Saturday. This program is available to only to nursing students.

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    Dr. Stephanie Davis 
    (864) 656-2588  

    Dr. Jennifer Rice 
    (864) 250-6701

  • Summer in Germany

    Explore Europe from Germany, a central and dynamic location, while learning global perspectives on public relations, crisis communication, and public communication. An open four-day weekend is provided for your own journeys! Meanwhile, our structured experience includes two weeks in the international metropolis of Berlin and two weeks in the southern capital of Stuttgart, with day trips included. We will combine rich cultural and historic experiences with industry case studies and examples from sports, automotive and health industries. Our adventure includes trips to Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg, Schwäbisch Hall, Berlin and Wolfsburg.

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    Dr. Andrew Pyle 
    (864) 656-1585

  • Salud en Sevilla, Spain

    Study abroad in southern Spain and immerse yourself in the life of Seville, a city that served as the cultural axis between the New World and Europe for centuries. Seville is a beautiful place whose history sits next to a vibrant present-day culture. The trip will include field trips to both health care and cultural sites in and around Seville and to the region’s famous cultural sites, including visits to Cordoba and a three-day trip to Granada. Students will conduct a “disease outbreak investigation,” meet with health care leaders, and learn how Europe has successfully dealt with past disease outbreaks. In addition, students will gain an appreciation of the cultural and historical sites of Seville. Students will live with Spanish families, giving them the opportunity to learn more about Spanish language and culture outside of the classroom.

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    Dr. John Long
    (864) 656-2793

  • Sustainable Cities of Sweden

    Kalmar is a city situated in one of the most sustainable regions in the world, and the field trips and course work in this program are focused on a wide range of sustainability issues, such as water, energy, transportation, infrastructure, local foods, environmental impacts, business and economics, policy and ecology. This program allows you to place yourself at the intersection of biology, ecology, engineering, economics, environmental issues and policy so that you gain a deep understanding of how sustainability issues affect people around the world. The program is held at Linnaeus University, where students will participate in a summer academy that attracts over 250 students from around the world. In addition to coursework, Linnaeus University hosts internationally renowned speakers and holds optional cultural and extracurricular activities. The program is open to all majors; its broad focus using an interdisciplinary lens on the systems that impact sustainability can apply to almost any area study.

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    Dr. Lori Dickes 
    (864) 656-7831 

    Dr. Jeffrey Allen 

  • Tigers in Tanzania

    The goal of this service-learning mission trip is to help locals in a culturally sensitive and empowering way through education and recreation. You will join faculty members in interactions with children from a variety of different backgrounds and tribes. In this two-week Maymester course in Africa, you will work directly with an orphanage and a number of school programs on a cultural exchange with students at the University of Dar es Salaam. During the trip, you will also interact with local farmers in the region and finish the trip by going on safari through Serengeti National Park to see elephants, lions, zebras and giraffes, along with the famous wildebeest migration. 

    Skye Arthur-Banning
    (864) 656-2206

  • Global Health

    The Certificate in Global Health and the associated study abroad program expands opportunities for Clemson University students from health-related disciplines. The program moves beyond the standard “language and culture” model of study abroad to provide an interprofessional and integrated approach to the challenge of health care delivery across global settings. Focused on the societal issues that influence health care in low resource countries, this program will prepare you to address health disparities in domestic or international settings. More information here.

  • Nursing in Cyprus

    The Nursing in Cyprus program allows students to experience a semester abroad while gaining an international perspective on healthcare. Interested students would spend spring semester of their sophomore year abroad and would study at the University of Nicosia (UNIC). UNIC is located in Nicosia, which is the capital of Cyprus. Nursing students who participate in the program will be enrolled in the UNIC equivalent courses that meet the Clemson requirements outlined below: 

    • Human Anatomy and Physiology II (BIOL 2230)
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab (BIOL 2231)
    • Health Promotion Across Lifespan + NURS 3999 (NURS 3110 +NURS 3999)
    • Health Assessment (NURS 3100)
    • Professionalism in Nursing (NURS 3200)

    The program includes excursions to Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos, Kyrenia, and Troodos, as well as single occupancy student accommodation with ensuite kitchens, bathrooms, and private balconies. Participants will enjoy experiencing a Mediterranean lifestyle, while also having the opportunity to explore Europe as a whole. 

    All courses are taught in English by UNIC professors.

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    Dr. John Whitcomb
    Director, Chief Academic Nursing Officer, and Professor, School of Nursing

    Sydney Elliott
    Study Abroad Coordinator

  • Communication in Brussels

    Study abroad in the heart of Europe with the Department of Communication program in Brussels, Belgium! Join Clemson faculty and your fellow Tigers as we take four weeks to explore the political capital of Europe with visits to the European Union and Parliament, and walk in the footsteps of Thomas Green Clemson during his studies abroad. You will join Department of Communication faculty Lindsey Dixon and Lori Pindar on an academic experience that will explore persuasion, media law and ethics, and the cultural and political influences of the past, present and future.

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    Lindsey Dixon
    (864) 656-1567

    Dr. Lori Pindar
    (864) 656-1567

  • Human Skeletal Analysis in Hungary

    This is a unique opportunity for students to examine human skeletal material held at the University of Szeged in Hungary. This collection contains the skeletal remains of more than 30,000 skeletons recovered from archaeological excavations from southern Hungary dating from the Neolithic to the 1800s.

    During the trip, you will systematically collect standard anatomical skeletal data from one archaeological collection consisting of approximately 100 skeletons. You will also have the opportunity to visit Budapest – a beautiful European capital that offers many interesting cultural attractions. You will also visit Opusztaszer, located 30 minutes north of Szeged. At the Heritage Park, you will visit archaeological excavations of a medieval monastery, a living open-air museum with a replica of a village, and displays of traditional Hungarian horsemanship.

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    Dr. Katherine Weisensee
    (864) 656-2398

  • International EDGE

    Come join us in Australia to look at the PRTM profession through an international lens. The International EDGE Program is a collaborative and unique approach to delivering core PRTM content to majors while in Australia for eight weeks! This approach allows content to be delivered in a flexible and integrative manner, incorporating the use of innovative teaching methods, undergraduate research, real-world experiences, and experiential learning that will prepare you to become part of the global workforce. While in Australia, you will receive course content with a Clemson PRTM faculty member in collaboration with faculty from a local university in Brisbane. Additionally, there are two multi-day excursions outside of Brisbane to get gain first-hand knowledge of the PRTM profession in action.

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    Dr. Teresa Tucker
    (864) 656-0835

    Dr. Charles Chancellor
    (864) 656-2210

  • Maymester in Cuba

    This program is designed to study the intersections of tourism and society from the historic to the modern in Havana, Cuba. Specifically, using a social justice framework and drawing from political economy theory, this course explores how the travel and tourism industry has intersected with race, gender, class, sexuality, and other social structures, influencing the daily life of many Cubans. The course will provide an overview of the history of travel and tourism, along with the socio-political background that has informed Cuban identities. With tourism increasing following the Cuban “Special Period,” the relationship between Cuba and the U.S. continues to thaw while travel restrictions lessen. Still, Cuba’s history has an impact on tourism today and the shaping of the Havana society.

    The program is based in Havana, Cuba, where you will have the opportunity to visit many historical and cultural sites. The program includes a day trip to Las Terrazas eco reserve that includes a hike to coffee plantation ruins, a day trip to Vinales to visit a tobacco farm, the Mogotoes, a waterfall, and a boat trip through subterranean river at Cueva del Indio.

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    Dr. Lauren Duffy
    (864) 656-1335

    Jerad Green
    (864) 656-7625

  • Communication in Ireland

    Clemson University in Ireland is a summer abroad program that focuses on the intersection of Communication and General Education. The courses offered focus specifically on several of Clemson’s General Education requirements. Depending on your major and the credits you have left to fulfill, you could receive CCA, Non-Lit Humanities, Oral Communication or STS credit while studying in Dublin. You will have the chance to improve your communication skills, explore Irish culture, and make memories that will last a lifetime! While in Dublin, you will learn about Irish history, conflict and customs with excursions to Guinness Storehouse, the General Post Office, Riverdance, Glendalough, and Belfast in Northern Ireland.

    View our Flyer Visit the Website

    Caitlin Baker

    Marianne Herr

  • Summer in Italy

    In this month-long program in Perugia, Italy, students will apply a sociological perspective to understand food production, consumption, and distribution. Students will be able to explain and apply sociological concepts and frameworks to the study of food and food systems, will be able to apply major concepts and theories to examine food at the individual and societal levels, and will learn to evaluate factors that lead to inequalities in health and wellbeing due to social structures shaping the food system.

    ANTH 3250 Anthropology of Food (3 credits): This course is a sociological exploration of food systems examining the intersections of food and society through a cross-cultural analysis of food systems, food ways, and historical processes that influence inequality in the current food system.

    ANTH 4990/SOC 4860 (1 credit) Elective: This one-hour supplemental course will further explore the topics discussed in ANTH 3250. Students will also be working hands on: taking a cooking class, chocolate workshop, visiting Umbra’s community urban garden, and observing local markets. See also the Umbra Institute.

    Caleb McGill

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