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The College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences offers dozens of undergraduate and graduate degrees in the following schools and departments: Communication; Nursing; Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management; Political Science; Psychology; Public Health Sciences; and Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice. Led by some of the best faculty in the nation, our students receive academic preparation that is second to none.

Departments and Degrees

The College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences Academic Advising Center is the first point of contact for prospective transfer and new student information. This page contains many important items as you begin your search to determine if this major is a good fit for you as a prospective student. Note that CBSHS advisors will participate in all Admissions events for prospective students, and you are encouraged to attend those events should you wish to speak to an advisor. The professional advisors will not always be available to meet one-on-one with prospective students pending their schedules and the high volume of inquiry for many of our majors. Meeting with a faculty member or professional advisor is not a required piece of the application admissions process.

  • Communication

    The Department of Communication is committed to educating and producing leaders who can navigate the challenges of an ever-changing global community. The department espouses an environment of collegiality and collaboration and aims to achieve goals for inclusive excellence set forth by the ClemsonElevate strategic plan.

    Whether you hope to manage a business, produce documentaries, coordinate public relations and publicity for a major corporation, promote a nonprofit or tell stories as a news reporter, the secret to success is effective communication. Tell our faculty your thoughts on where you want to be at graduation, and we will work with you to get you there.

    Our curriculum is forward thinking, from core courses in communication theory and methods to our focused plans of study listed below. You’ll find that many classes, such as those in broadcast production and public relations, are taught by industry professionals who can give you practical insight that can put you a step ahead at graduation. If you think you want to pursue an advanced degree, this major provides a strong foundation for graduate studies in the humanities, social sciences, business and law.

    The Department of Communication prepares undergraduate and graduate students for careers in an ever-evolving, connected global society. Students enjoy emphasis areas as diverse as sports communication, communication and the law, and public relations. They develop an integrated skill set in oral, visual and written communication and learn how to present information and interact in a digital communication environment. Department faculty have expertise in diverse areas of human communication and the scholarship they pursue challenges and educates students at both abstract and applied levels.

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  • Nursing

    Current employment trends project a shortage of nurses and nursing faculty within the next five to 10 years.

    In collaboration with Prisma Health-Upstate, Clemson University has expanded its nursing program in the Clemson University Nursing building in Greenville – an effort that has more than doubled enrollment in Clemson’s traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. This expansion is helping meet the growing need for nurses and bolstering health innovation and research efforts in Upstate South Carolina. The collaboration has also expanded student clinical placements within Prisma Health-Upstate.

    With this program expansion, the School of Nursing is targeting an incoming freshman class of approximately 175 students. Entering freshmen have the opportunity to be part of one of two cohorts – a Clemson-based traditional cohort or a Greenville-based accelerated cohort – beginning once students reach their clinical courses. Transportation is provided between the two sites of instruction.

    Clemson is also collaborating with Tri-County Technical College and AnMed Health, Cannon Memorial Hospital, Prisma Health Oconee Memorial Hospital, and Prisma Health Baptist Easley Hospital to develop a working solution to the nursing shortage. Together, we have created a program to advance your educational level no matter where you are in your nursing career. With LPN or RN programs at Tri-County Technical College, you can work and earn a bachelor’s, master’s or even doctoral degree at Clemson University. These collaborations allow you to:

    • Meet the educational requirements needed for advancement
    • Enjoy flexible schedules that complement your busy lifestyle
    • Participate in Web-enhanced courses that meet your needs
    • Obtain one degree while working toward the next degree

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  • Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

    Welcome to one of the most innovative, comprehensive, and successful Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management programs in the nation! Our students find us for many reasons, but they leave us with a sound professional ethic, excellent critical thinking skills, and the kind of expertise that simply makes the world a better place.

    Take a moment to contemplate what brings you your quality of life. If living in vibrant communities, surrounded with caring, confident people who live healthy lifestyles comes to mind, it is our students and alumni that provide those services to the world. If you considered a beautiful environment that is accessible, appreciated and well taken care of, our professions probably had a hand in it. If you were thinking of exciting careers and contributing to the economic diversity of society, we are there. Finally, if you seek a meaningful career that helps you participate in making the world a better place through empowering people, you have come to the right place. Our faculty are world class and demanding. Our students are prepared to deal with the complexity of human behavior, the importance of our field to the community and personal well-being, and the political realities of working with a diverse public. 

    We provide high-impact, faculty-led educational experiences, cutting-edge foundational and applied research, innovative solutions in a rapidly changing environment, and outreach activities that prepare our students to serve the citizens of South Carolina and our national and global constituents.

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  • Political Science

    The Department of Political Science allows you to explore theories concerning politics, global affairs, political theory, public administration and public policy. Political science students gain a versatile set of skills they can apply in careers ranging from law and business to careers in federal, state and local governments. Many faculty members have served as diplomats, advisors to governors and strategists for congressional and gubernatorial campaigns; their range of scholarly expertise is on display in research and in the classroom.

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  • Psychology

    The Department of Psychology at Clemson is a research-oriented department that offers both a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree to more than 900 psychology majors. The B.A. program places emphasis on foreign language and humanities courses, whereas the BS program focuses more on science and mathematics courses. Students can only transfer the equivalent of Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 2010) from a two-year technical college, community college, or college.

    The Department of Psychology specializes in human factors psychology and industrial-organizational psychology. Its students enjoy careers in human services, management, education, health, sports and many other fields that require an in-depth understanding of human behavior. They are mentored and taught by a faculty conducting psychological research in these industries and many more. This department is focused on exploring the mind, behavior and the many links between them.

    Due to accreditation, Clemson University cannot accept courses to count as the equivalent of a class numbering 3000-4999 here taken at a two-year institution. 

    Visit our website to learn more about career tracks and hands on experiences, opportunities and degree requirements, Psychology transfer students and more. 

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  • Public Health Sciences

    Like nursing, Public Health Science is one of the most sought after career fields in America today. The Department of Public Health Sciences offers a variety of programs and degrees designed to provide students with a global, well-rounded education in all facets of public health. The department offers educational opportunities to students who wish to pursue different public health concentrations, including health promotion and behavior, and health services administration. The department also offers joint degree programs with other college units at Clemson.

    The Public Health Sciences program at Clemson University is excited to help you learn more about what we have to offer students! Our majors are tailored for you. Students in Public Health Science have several majors to choose from, helping you create the education to meet your goals. The links below will provide a wealth of information about each program. We are an immersive education. Your Clemson education extends beyond the classroom. Students in the Public Health Sciences program have opportunities to enhance their knowledge (and their resume). Click the links below to learn about a few of our offerings. For a more specific overview of our programs, check us out online below.

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  • Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice

    We offer Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in sociology, anthropology and criminal justice, a Master of Science in social science, and undergraduate minors in sociology and anthropology. Our department supports approximately 400 majors, a dozen graduate students, and additional students seeking minors from all seven colleges within the University.

    Students may elect to pursue either a Bachelor of Arts degree (which requires foreign language proficiency and advanced humanities) or a Bachelor of Science degree (with special requirements in the areas of math and science in either sociology, anthropology or criminal justice). Sociology majors further select from one of our three concentration areas: general sociology, community studies, and social services. The specific courses that comprise each of these curricula are summarized in the department’s curriculum tracking forms. All students majoring in sociology, anthropology and criminal justice are required to have a minor.

    The Master of Science degree in social science at Clemson University emphasizes practical and theoretical knowledge in the areas of sociology, anthropology and criminal justice, and focuses on the acquisition of social science research skills, theory application and field experience. The program prepares students to conduct theoretically sound, empirically sophisticated research projects, as well as evaluation studies of organizational programs and policies.

    Graduates from our department pursue careers in a variety of different areas. Many also go on to professional and graduate school in a variety of areas including law, sociology, counseling programs, seminary and divinity school, and careers in sociology, anthropology, social work, and criminal justice. We survey our former students one to three years after graduation. Generally, they report feeling very well prepared for both entry-level career positions and graduate and professional studies. 

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