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Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management

Youth Development Leadership Graduate Certificate

An online graduate program for youth development professionals.

The Certificate in Youth Development Leadership program is designed to equip professionals with competencies that augment their bachelor’s degree in a related field.

  • About The Program
    The certificate program requires a minimum of 15 graduate credit hours of course work while taking into consideration the student’s academic background and preparation.
  • Admission Requirements

    Students must apply for admission into both the Clemson University Graduate School and the certificate program.

    Step 1. Apply to the Clemson University Graduate School

    You can access the application at

    Please plan to submit:

    • The application fee
    • Your resume
    • A personal statement
    • Transcripts
    • Two letters of recommendation to the graduate school

    You may be admitted as either a non-degree student or a youth development major.

    Step 2. Apply to the Youth Development Leadership Certificate program

    Admission into the youth development certificate program involves:

    • Application
    • Application fee
    • Acceptance by the Youth Development Committee
  • Program Requirements

    Students can choose among courses in the list below to complete the 15-credit hours required for the certificate. Each certificate student's course work will be determined by their academic training and their professional goals, however, all certificate students must take YDP 8000: Foundations of Youth Development.

    • PADM 8410 – Public Data Analysis (3)
    • YDP 8000 – Theories of Youth Development: An Applied Perspective (3)
    • YDP 8010 – Child and Adolescent Development (3)
    • YDP 8020 – Youth Development Programming in a Contemporary Society (3)
    • YDP 8030 – Creative and Ethical Leadership in a Changing Society (3)
    • YDP 8040 – Assessment and Evaluation of Youth Programs (3)
    • YDP 8050 – Youth Development in the Context of Family (3)
    • YDP 8060 – Youth Development in the Context of a Global and Diverse Society (3)
    • YDP 8080 – Grantsmanship (3)
    • YDP 8090 – Management of Staff and Volunteers (3)
    • YDP 8880 – Special Topics in Youth Development Leadership (3)
    • YDP 8900 – The Profession of Youth Development Leadership (3)
  • Continuing to the M.S. in Youth Development Leadership Program

    Students who are admitted into the certificate program as a non-degree student may decide to continue into the Master of Science in Youth Development Leadership degree program. Only 12 credit hours can be transferred into a graduate degree program; therefore, students need to complete the transfer process before completing the certificate program.

    • Earn an acceptable score on the Graduate Record Exam
    • Submit a letter of intent
    • Transfer into the degree program before you complete the certificate program
  • Financial Information

    The program is currently offered at approximately $633 per credit hour. Explore information on tuition and fees using the Student Financial Services' tuition and fee calculator (be sure to choose 'online' tab at the top of the calculator tool).

    Financial Aid
    For information regarding financial aid, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.

  • Find Out More

    For more information about the Youth Development Leadership Graduate Certificate, please contact Barry Garst, Youth Development Studies Program Coordinator.

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