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Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management

Internships, Practicums and Preceptorships


Put your classroom learning to work.

Our undergraduate programs put theory into practice through practicum and internship experiences that help you apply the skills you’ve learned in the classroom, while also building a resume and industry connections.

Students taking the nonprofit leadership minor complete a preceptorship with an approved, professional nonprofit agency.

  • What is a practicum?

    Our practicum experiences give you an opportunity to explore a potential career option. If you're not sure which field or job you want to specialize in, your practicum will help you try out a job to see if it's the right fit for you. 

    You will complete two 80-hour practicums with employers during your sophomore year; one each in PRTM 2060 and PRTM 2070. You can complete your practicum requirements at any time during the school year (or in the same semester). 

    Student Requirements

    Students are:

    • Responsible for finding their own practicum employers.
    • Encouraged to complete their practicums with different employers to broaden their professional network and portfolio, however, they may be permitted to work with the same employer for both practicum experiences as long as they are performing different duties or working in a different department, and this is approved by the practicum supervisor.
    • Able to complete their practicum requirements either prior to or during their participation in the EDGE program.
    • Not able to use a past work experience for practicum credit. They must be enrolled in PRTM 2060 or PRTM 2070 for the hours to count towards completion of the course.

    Employer Requirements

    Employers must relate to your field of study or career interest in PRTM. RT students must work with a special needs population for both practicum experiences (check with RT faculty member or the Practicum Supervisor if you are unsure about your site). Practicum positions must also be:

    • A new experience, instead of repeating work previously done with a former employer.
    • Reporting to a supervisor that the department can communicate with as needed.
    • An employer that is not a family member, partner or family friend.


  • What is an internship?

    Your internship experience with PRTM is designed to help you practice what you want to do.

    You'll apply the skills you learned in the classroom to an on-the-job setting, while building valuable experience and an industry connection through your internship employer. 

    PRTM students complete an internship for a minimum of 10 weeks (400 hours) of uninterrupted, supervised work with a park, recreation or tourism management agency between their junior and senior year. 

    After you are enrolled in PRTM 4050, you will receive access to a page in Canvas called PRTM Internship Opportunities, with details about internship requirements, the course rubric, forms and internship position postings. If you are enrolled in PRTM 4050 and do not have access to the course page in Canvas, please email Dan Anderson at

    If you are a Recreational Therapy or PGA Golf Management student, your internship requirements are designed to meet the specific needs of those fields. You can find those resources in the accordions below. 


  • Recreational Therapy Field Experiences

    Starting in the sophomore year, recreational therapy (RT) program students take numerous classes that incorporate practical RT and related experiences. You will complete:

    • Two practicums (PRTM 2060 and 2070) where you gain experience with people with disabilities or health conditions.
    • A preceptorship (clinical field experience in PRTM 3280) in the Spring semester of your junior year, where you will have supervised RT clinical rotations in health care and human service agencies in the Clemson/Anderson/Greenville area.
    • A 14-week, 560-hour field placement (internship) experience in your senior year (PRTM 4050/4250) where you will apply the APIED process, theories, concepts, philosophies and techniques acquired in the classroom under the guidance of a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS). Note: Depending on the catalogue year in which you enter the PRTM major, your academic plan may indicate PRTM 4050 or PRTM 4250 as the course number for Internship.

    Learn more about the Recreational Therapy undergraduate program

  • Nonprofit Leadership Preceptorship Resources (NPL 4900)

    The NPL 4900 Preceptorship helps you gain hands on experience in nonprofit operations and management. Under the guidance of a qualified professional supervisor, you will apply theories, concepts, philosophies and techniques acquired in the classroom. In order to maximize your professional development, the Preceptorship should encompass as many operation and management aspects of the cooperating agency as possible.


    Learn more about the Nonprofit Leadership undergraduate minor and certificate

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    I’m already working part-time. Can I use my current employer for my internship?

    No, an internship differs significantly from work experience. If you have questions about this, please contact the Recreational Therapy Fieldwork Coordinator.

    Can I complete PRTM 2060 and 2070 at the same time?

    Yes, as long as they are at different sites, or different duties/departments within the same site.

    Does the university help me find an employer?

    You are responsible for finding an employer for your practicum, preceptorship or internship, however, your program contact can help you research possible options. 

    How often does the university connect with employers during a student’s practicum, internship or preceptorship to monitor their progress?

    Contact with an employer or supervisor may occur weekly, monthly, or as often as is needed, based on student performance.This

    I would like to employ a practicum, intern or preceptorship student at my business or organization. Who do I contact?

    If you represent an organization that would like to share an internship opportunity with our students, please send details about the position to Dan Anderson at

    Are there other career resources available for students?

    The Center for Career and Professional Development provides advice about resume writing, interview preparation, networking and how to find a job after graduation. 

  • Who to Contact

    If you have questions about internships, preceptorships and practicums in your specific concentration area, please contact:

Internship Success Stories

Picture of Emily Benson Martin

PRTM internship inspires alumni's debut novel

Clemson PRTM alumni Emily Benson Martin (2010) says much of her debut novel was inspired by her travels an internships from her time at our department and working as a park service interpreter.

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Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management | 170 Sirrine Hall