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College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Student Resources

Student Resources

The College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences is committed to supporting the success of our students. From our Academic Advising Center to our student opportunities such as study abroad, we work tirelessly to provide rich experiences that will enhance your years at Clemson and prepare you for a bright, impactful future.

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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Release

FERPA form
Instructions for Form Completion
  1. Student should complete this form in its entirety.
  2. Section C:
    • Background checks for employment must be completed by the clearinghouse. Please see Registrar Verifications.
    • We caution against open-ended purposes. It is in your best interest to be specific about the purpose of the request.
  3. Section E:
    • Choose a code word to share with person(s) requesting records.

Instructions for Advisors
  1. Upload completed FERPA Release form to note on student’s record in CU Navigate.
    • Use note reason code: FERPA
    • In body of note, include expiration date of FERPA form
  2. If a student calls requesting information, verify their identity by matching up a-c.
    • Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Permanent Address
    • CID (not required)
  3. If someone, other than the student themselves, contacts you requesting information, verify the code word. If the release of information is restricted to certain individuals, confirm the name and address provided by the student in Section C.

FERPA Release Form


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