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Public Health Sciences

Graduate Certificate in Clinical and Translational Research

The Graduate Certificate in Clinical and Translational Research is a 12-credit hour graduate-level program designed to enhance clinical and translational research capabilities for clinicians, research support staff, and other health professionals. The program focuses on developing skills related to clinical and translational research studies, grantsmanship, data analysis, and the presentation of health outcomes data. Classes are offered one evening a week at the University Center Greenville.

Applications for the fall terms are due by August 1st.

This program has been approved for tuition assistance for Prisma Health employees. For consideration, Prisma Health employees should apply via the Health Sciences Research Division. Step-by-step instructions and the employee link to apply can be found here.

  • What are the benefits of pursuing this certificate?
    • Improve readiness to launch clinical and translational research studies
    • Improve grantsmanship necessary to attract research funding
    • Improve ability to analyze research data
    • Improve formal presentation and publication success rate
    • Improve patient care and health outcomes
  • What are the course requirements?

    Three Core Courses:

    HLTH 8120 Clinical and Translational Science (2)
    Introduction to concepts and theories of clinical and translational science. Topics include bench science discoveries; modeling and simulation; clinical trials and community-based research; adoption into clinical practice. Major emphasis is placed on research idea generation and transforming ideas into working research proposals.

    HLTH 8210 Health Research I: Design and Measurement (3)
    Addresses issues in research design, measurement, project planning, data collection, and data management for health research. Topics include experimental and quasi-experimental design, measurement theory applied to key concepts, survey methodology, observational research, and research ethics.

    HLTH 8090 Epidemiological Research (3)
    Basic concepts of epidemiology with emphasis on applied aspects rather than theoretical. Examples are drawn from clinical practice.

    Two Elective Courses* selected from:

    • HLTH 8140 Health Systems Quality Improvement
    • HLTH 8130 Population Health and Research
    • MATH 8050 Data Analysis
    • MATH 8070 Applied Multivariate Analysis

    All courses must earn a letter grade of “B” to apply as certificate credit

    *HLTH prefixed courses are offered one evening a week at the UCG; MATH courses may be offered online or on the main campus and are subject to MATH department scheduling.

  • Certificate Completion Options

    Traditional 21-month plan

    YEAR 1

    • Fall: HLTH 8120
    • Spring: HLTH 8210
    • Summer: HLTH 8090

    YEAR 2

    • Fall: HLTH 8140
    • Spring: HLTH 8130

    Accellerated 12-month plan

    YEAR 1

    • Fall: HLTH 8120 & HLTH 8140
    • Spring: HLTH 8210 & HLTH 8130
    • Summer: HLTH 8090

    Prisma Health employees accepted into the Certificate Program should indicate which plan they desire upon admission. Year 1 courses are traditionally offered on Tuesday evenings while Year 2 courses are offered on Thursdays.

  • Contact Us

    For more information please contact the program coordinator at:

Department of Public Health Sciences
Department of Public Health Sciences | 503 Edwards Hall