New Postdocs

Working at Clemson

Before and Upon Arrival

Welcome to Clemson!
This page details what you should plan to do before and upon your arrival at Clemson University. This list is just a guideline and may not include all information. Your Human Resource (HR) representative can help ensure you complete all requirements.


Your college Human Resources (HR) contact will guide you through how to complete the necessary paper work, including payroll and benefits forms. You can find out more about what documents to bring on your first day by visiting Tigers at Work. You will then visit the Human Resources (HR) contact to:

  • Complete new hire documents;
  • Sign tax forms (you'll need to show your photo ID and visa documents)

Once this information is entered into the system, you can obtain the following: 

  • A TigerOne card, which is your Clemson University identification card at the TigerOne office;
  • Create an email account; and
  • A parking permit, if needed.

International Scholars Check-in and Paperwork

  • J-1 and F-1 visa holders need to check-in with International Services (IS) to complete additional required paperwork.
  • H-1 visa holders will check-in with International Services (IS) to complete additional required paperwork.
  • You are also required to apply for a Social Security card 10 days after your arrival in the United States, if you do not yet have one. A social security number is required of every employee in the United States. You will need to contact Pablo Unda promptly.

Attend New Employee Orientation 

In your welcome email from Vivian Morris, there is a link to Tigers at Work with a link to register for New Faculty and Staff Orientation. 

Obtain a Parking Permit

If you need a parking permit, visit Clemson Parking and Transportation Services this needs to be done right away if you want to park on campus. Clemson University encourages taking advantage of alternative transportation like CATBUS, transit services and carpooling. Information on additional transit services can be found here. The CATBUS schedule and app can be found here.

Start Planning for your Career 

Once you get your research started, you should take advantage of the career development and networking opportunities that are available at Clemson University.