Sustainability research at Clemson Univesrity, Clemson South Carolina

The research Clemson University is conducting in sustainability is broad and continuing to grow. Our expertise in alternative energy technologies, water resources, sustainable agriculture, the built environment, and the natural environment come together to address the challenges of today and tomorrow. Clemson faculty, staff, and students form collaborative partnerships through these Clemson research institutions:

Creative Inquiry

The Creative Inquiry program offers a unique combination of engaged learning and research that is tailored specifically to undergraduate students. There are numerous long-term projects relating to sustainability that cover a wide range of topics. Students work in teams under a faculty member to tackle complex problems while at the same time expanding their curiosity and forming useful solutions.

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Clemson Experimental Forest

The research at Clemson extends well beyond the lab, benefiting students and community members alike.

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Clemson Student Organic Farm

The Organic Farm is a resource for organic research and education in sustainable agriculture.

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