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Welcome to International Services

OGE's International Services area works with incoming international students, scholars and faculty, as well as university administrators, to provide valuable information, service, and advice to meet the needs of our community. As an international at Clemson University, International Services is a valuable resource for your immigration, employment, and support needs.

OGE's International Services contributes to the facilitation of international educational exchange on the campus of Clemson University by providing immigration related support services to international students and scholars as well as Clemson's international faculty and staff and those engaged in hiring foreign nationals.

Our advising staff currently supports approximately 1,500 enrolled international students from over 90 countries, in addition to approximately 200 exchange visitors, and 700 recent graduates currently employed inside the U.S. on OPT. Our goal is to make Clemson University a welcoming, positive environment for our international population to help them meet their academic and research goals, while making sure personal goals are taken into consideration.

International Services is pleased to assist the University in meeting its goals of creating a diverse environment where students and scholars, from the U.S. and abroad, have the opportunity to share, grow, and discover. International Services hopes that you think of our office as facilitating not only your necessary immigration documents, but also as a resource in helping you reach your goals. 

International Services is always looking for ways to improve the services our office provides.  If you have visited our office recently, we would like your feedback.  Please complete our Survey and e-mail it to or bring it by E-307 Martin Hall.

Arrival Guide

We encourage new students to take a look at the new Arrival Guide! We are very excited to welcome you to Clemson University and have organized this site to help guide you as you prepare your arrival and transition in Clemson. Please follow the link below:

International Student Fee

All international students who are at Clemson on an F-1 or J-1 visa will be assessed a fee of $50.00 per semester (fall and spring). This fee will be applied directly to student bills and will be paid with tuition and fees. 

The fee is necessary for the university to meet new and constantly changing requirements mandated by the U.S. government. The funding generated from the fee helps the office provide services international students need to maintain their immigration status for the duration of their time at Clemson. This fee enables us to maintain compliance with government requirements but also enhances the services that are offered by the Office of Global Engagement. 

How is the money used?

The revenue generated by this fee will be used directly toward the services provided to international students. As an international student, you will see positive changes, such as:

  • Purchase and implementation of a management software package specifically for the tracking and reporting requirements associated with international student records.
  • Technical improvements that will make it easier for you to request documents, make appointments, and update your information.
  • Additional training and professional development for international services advisors and staff to improve the services and advising offered to international students.

Overall, the programs and enhancements that the fee will fund will ensure that the university meets the specific needs of international students and U.S. immigration regulations.