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As a global community, Clemson University is committed to fostering greater communication across the diverse populations on our Campus and in our communities.  


Fall 2022: CU Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate:

Get certified to teach English abroad or on-line!  A 120-hour Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate Training Program. TEFL is ideal for all levels of teaching experience and those interested in teaching English as a Foreign Language online and abroad.
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Fall 2022 Course Begins September 12
SAVE YOUR SEAT TODAY! The deadline is September 2nd
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Explore our English Language Programs:

  • CU Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate
    Program Features:
    • Intensive online modules taught by Clemson instructors
    • Curriculum to introduce you to the profession and prepare you to teach
    • Classroom management and lesson plan development informed by Second Language Acquisition theory
    • Teaching practicum with local and international students
    • Job placement advising 
    Program Duration:
    • 10 weeks to complete the 100+ hours of online course work.  
    • Self-paced to complete the 20 hours of practicum  
    Important Dates:
    • Fall 2022 begins September 12
    • Spring 2023 TBA
    • Clemson affiliate $1900
    • Non Clemson affiliate $2400
    Ways to Find Out More:
    Helpful Links:
    • International Teaching Assistant Test
      Verification of English Skills Test for International Teaching Assistants

      Welcome! This site is here to help you understand the Verification of English Skills Test (VEST) given by English Language Programs to teaching assistants who use English as their second language, also called International Teaching Assistants (ITAs).

      Who needs to take the test?

      All new graduate students who have been offered student facing assistantships (does not include research assistants or graders unless you plan to teach the following semester, in which case it is required) are required to take the test if their TOEFL speaking score was below 26, their IELTS speaking score was below 8.0, their PTE below 74, and their overall Duolingo score less than 115.


      Students from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom whose first language is English

      Not Exempt:

      o Student who has completed one or more semesters of graduate work at CU or another U.S. institution of higher education.

      o Student who has received a bachelor's or master's degree from a U.S. institution of higher education OR having been educated in a school where English was the official language.

      o Student who is arriving from a country where English is one of the official languages.

      Why do you need to take this test?

      Clemson University is dedicated to the success of their students in all areas of their academic career. By testing ITAs, departments can place assistants in teaching contexts where they, and their students, can be most successful. The state of South Carolina also mandates through law that teachers who use English as a second language be assessed for linguistic proficiency.

      When is the test and how it administered?

      VEST is administered online in the summer or winter break before arrival to campus, as well as on-campus testing when needed. Each ITA is contacted and given an option of test times and dates, as well as video conferencing platform options.

      What IS the test?

      The test consists of two sections: An Interview and a Teaching Sample. The interview is a variety of questions from intermediate level to advanced. The teaching sample is the student defining a term in their field in a short presentation to take no longer than 10 minutes or less. Together the test is about 40 minutes.

      How is the test scored and who scores the test?

      Students are rated holistically and not numerically on their comprehensibility in terms of extended speech, pronunciation, comprehension, vocabulary and grammar. Trained raters from English Language Programs and the Emeritus College rate students using inter-rater reliability.

      Pass= Eligible for all TA duties and instructor of record assignments.

      Limited 1= Eligible for all TA duties except instructor of record. Support recommended.

      Limited 2= Eligible to serve as lab assistant, grader and basic office hours with students. 10 hours of support required prior to retesting

      Fail= Not eligible for TA duties. 12-15 hours of support required prior to retesting

      • English Connections

        An informal gathering of native and non-native English speakers where we practice English and learn more about each other.  It’s fun , relaxing , and a chance to connect with others.  Open to Clemson scholars and their families.  See you there!

        Every Tuesday from 4-5:30 pm in the Library on the 6 th floor. 

        Contact the Director of English Language Programs: jbronde@clemson.edu

      • Editing Services
        English Language Editing

        English Language Editing is specifically for non-native speakers of English, as editors are trained in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language and Second Language Writing. Through correspondence and discussion, an editor may refer a writer to English Language Coaching before agreeing to edit the work.  An example of when this might happen is if an editor sees numerous errors in the document in one area, or the document needs serious reorganization.

        Upon completion of editing, the writer is given feedback about global errors in their writing and resources to access for practice. 
        Line/Copy Editing

        Checking for mistakes, line by line.  Inconsistencies and repetition.  Unnatural phrasing, run-on sentences. Overused words, grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, capitalization…




        A final read of the document. Errors should be minimal.



        Minimum $50/hour

      • English Language Coaching


        Who Is It For?

        Any Clemson scholar or staff member using English as a non-native language.

        Any community member using English as non- native language.

        What Is It?

        A TESOL professional teaches fundamental or focused skills in English, privately, or to a small group on-line, in person, or a combination of both.

        How Does It Work?

        Contact Jen Brondell ( jbronde@clemson.edu) to set up an initial free consultation where we decide your English language learning goals and the type of coaching most suitable. See below:


        English Language Coaching Possible Topics:

        • Day to day English
        • Grammar Rules and Drills
        • Understanding Idioms and phrasal verbs
        • Vocabulary Development- General or field specific
        • Pronunciation
        • Public Speaking Strategies
        • Academic Writing/Academic Integrity
        • Interviews


        • $60/hr


        Small Group Skill Intensive: Minimum 2, Max 5 (Most Economical option for multiple participants!)

        A group can request coaching on a particular skill, such as giving presentations or pronunciation. Coaching occurs on the Clemson campus and on-line. Students must have their first consultation with their group and pay together.


        • $1200 for 10 hours for entire group.
        Professional Onsite Coaching: One-on-One or Small Group

        For individuals or small groups not affiliated with Clemson University. Coaching is tailored to the needs of the professional or business. A $100 institutional application fee is charged. Services and fees are established between English Language Programs Director and the requesting party.

      • English Preparation and Engagement Program (EPEP)
        Are you ready to study at Clemson?
        • In this 3-week, 1 credit online program you will increase your overall abilities to communicate in English in an academic environment, as well as increase your understanding of US academic culture. You will also get to know the Clemson campus, the town and surrounding sights. Virtually visit our nearby hiking trails, shopping centers, dining halls, classrooms, and more! Finally, when you arrive you will have your own mentor group to assist you through your first semester at Clemson, at no charge!
        Who is it for?
        • CPEP is for newly admitted undergraduate students arriving from another country where English is not the official language.
        Why CPEP?
        • Earn 1 credit towards graduation
        • Sharpen your English skills before you arrive
        • Get to know the campus and town to feel more comfortable when you arrive
        • Get extra support your first semester
        When is it?
        • July 26 - August 13 (Classes begin at Clemson August 18th)
        How much does it cost?
        • Program cost including Fall semester mentorship = $1200
        • Cost of 1-credit course for out-of-state students = $1633
        What does the program include?
        • Daily class meetings online from 8:30am-9:30am EST
        • Daily course assignments through CANVAS
        • Course materials in Academic Speaking, Listening and Writing
        • Access to Clemson libraries
        • Weekly virtual tours of the campus, town, and surrounding area


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