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English Language Programs

Conversation Pairs

This program pairs one international student with one domestic student. Over the course of the semester, they will meet weekly, build a lasting friendship, learn about each other's culture, and explore events around Clemson.

Why choose Conversation Pairs?

The following are testimonials from past Conversation Pairs participants:

“It's a great opportunity to learn the cultures and other aspects of American life. I think each and every international student should take this program not only for improving English but also learn about the cultures here.”
Robiul Islam, Chemistry

“This is a very good program for foreigners to make friends and expand their social circle. The people here are so kind!!! Join in, you will have no regrets!”
Xiao Li, Biological Science

“It's an amazing way to get to know people that you otherwise would probably never meet. It is such a joy to get to know different cultures and with Conversation Pairs, you don't have to study abroad to do it.”
Allie Cheves, Bioengineering

“This program provided me an opportunity to learn English in an atmosphere that is different from the academic scene but more like daily life.”
Zhangke Yang, Mechanical Engineering

“I liked getting to talk with someone that was just as interested in my language as I am everyone else's, so it was very interesting to see that dynamic evolve.”
Emma Ohrt, Spanish

Two pairs of students sitting at tables conversing
  • How it works

    Each International student will be paired with a domestic student. Pairs will be asked to meet weekly to learn from one another. Larger seasonal events will be hosted throughout the semester to create an opportunity to get to know and learn from other students participating in the program.

  • How to sign up

    We take new participants at the beginning of every semester. The last day to sign up for Spring 2024 is January 24th.

    Interested in the program? Sign up here.

  • Still have questions?

    Contact Director of English Language Programs, Jen Brondell, for more information.