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Email Signatures

Every communication from Clemson should reflect the Clemson brand — even the simplest email. Using these guidelines will ensure our brand is consistently conveyed.

  • Email signatures should not be longer than 10 lines.
  • Do not use images or logos within the email signature. Images in email signatures will appear as attachments and confuse the recipient, delay the email, be blocked by certain systems or load incorrectly as a symbol. Images can also increase the size of email inboxes exponentially.
  • Refrain from the use of quotes or epigrams for professional communications. While these may reflect your personal views, they may not reflect the official position of the University and may be misinterpreted by recipients as being "official" Clemson communication.
  • Use applicable departmental taglines, mission statement, etc. only if they are Clemson related and professional.
  • The words "Clemson University" should be in the color Clemson Orange. All other type used in the email signature should be in the color known as "Howard's Rock." Color guidelines are here.
  • The font is 11 pt. Verdana.
  • First and last names should be in bold. All other type is regular with no italics used.
  • Place a single character space between name and Clemson University. The color break provides adequate separation.
  • Place a single line space between the first line and your title, department info and additional information such as website, Facebook site, etc.


Department name
Web URL/s
Social media site/s

If applicable, departmental tagline, mission statement, etc.