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Undergraduate Student Forms

Academic Forgivness

Information about academic forgiveness

Be sure to read this information carefully before submitting the academic forgiveness form. Utilizing academic forgiveness can affect scholarships and affects whether you can take a course outside of Clemson.

Academic Forgiveness Form 

Change of Major/Add or Remove Minor

Note: In ECE, the Undergraduate Coordinator signs these forms instead of the student's academic advisor; do not bring this form to your advisor.

Change Academic Program Form


ECE 1990 Approval Form [20kb pdf]

ECE 2990 Approval Form [20kb pdf]

ECE H2990 Approval Form [20kb pdf]

ECE 3990 Approval Form [20kb pdf]

ECE H3990 Approval Form [20kb pdf]

ECE 4990 Approval Form [20kb pdf]

ECE H4990 Approval Form [20kb pdf]


ECE 4050 Approval Form  [21kb pdf]

ECE 4920 Approval Form  [20kb pdf]


Variance - 2000, 3000 and 4000 level all majors not 4020, 4230, or 4250 [23kb pdf]

Variance - 2000 level gpr ECE [23kb pdf]

Variance - 200 level gpr GE [23kb pdf]

Variance - 3000 and 4000 level gpr ECE [24kb pdf]

Variance - 3000 and 4000 level gpr GE [25kb pdf]

Variance - Appeal to Remain in Major [25kb pdf]

Variance - Co-Pre-requisite ECE [31kb pdf]

Variance - Co-Pre-requisite GE [31kb pdf]


ECE H4910 Approval Form [21kb pdf]

GS6 Form [21kb pdf] - Request for Senior Enrollment in Graduate Courses

Request of Approval for Courses Taken Abroad

Note: This form should be filled out only in consultation with the Study Abroad Office.

Request of Approval for Courses Taken Abroad Form