Academic Forgiveness

Academic Forgiveness Policy (AFP)

The Academic Forgiveness Policy, or AFP, (revised 2019) allows an enrolled student seeking a Clemson University degree, with first term of enrollment fall 2013 through spring 2019 to eliminate from the GPA calculation up to three courses in which a D or F was earned. Students with first term of enrollment summer 2019 or after can eliminate a maximum of two courses.

Academic Forgiveness can improve a student's GPA while reducing their earned credit hours, so students must be aware of all consequences before requesting that a grade be forgiven. Students are encouraged to speak with the Office of Student Financial Aid if they have questions about how Academic Forgiveness may affect their scholarship eligibility. If students are seeking to regain a scholarship for an upcoming academic year, they must invoke the AFP before the first day of class of the fall semester. For financial aid purposes, courses repeated under this policy resulting in duplicate credit do not count for satisfactory academic progress.

The following Academic Forgiveness conditions apply:

  • The AFP shall apply only to courses taken at Clemson University.
  • The AFP may not be applied to a course taken on a Pass/No Pass basis.
  • Courses taken prior to fall semester 2003 may not be considered for academic forgiveness.
  • Students with a first term of enrollment beginning summer 2019 may apply academic forgiveness to a particular course only once.
  • The AFP may not be applied to any course in which the student was previously found in violation of the academic integrity policy.
  • Once applied, academic forgiveness cannot be reversed.
  • D or F grades in required courses may be eliminated from the GPA before the course is repeated.
  • A forgiven course cannot be used to satisfy any prerequisite.
  • Course substitutions are not permitted in situations where Academic Forgiveness has been previously applied.
  • Any course used to meet a graduation requirement must be repeated satisfactorily at Clemson University. Both grades will remain on the transcript, degree progress report and other official documents.
  • Students must contact their academic advisor to discuss academic forgiveness prior to submitting the request for approval.
  • Students cannot receive transfer credit for the same course that received academic forgiveness.

Students may not invoke the AFP after they have graduated. After graduation, students may repeat coursework, but both grades will be calculated in the grade-point average.

*After spring term 2022, all students will follow the revised Academic Forgiveness Policy, regardless of their first term of enrollment.

Applicable AFP requests for the three-course version of this policy will be accepted for review no later than 8/16/22. There will be no exceptions to this deadline.

Where to Apply for Academic Forgiveness

To invoke Academic Forgiveness, the student should complete a request located in iROAR 〉 Student Self-Service 〉 Student Records 〉 Request Academic Forgiveness.

Additional information is available in the FAQ. Direct questions regarding submitted forms to Enrolled Student Services, 864-656-2174.

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