Sponsored Compensation Verification System

The Sponsored Compensation Verification System (SCVS) is an after-the-fact project based payroll confirmation process where Principal Investigators (PIs) review and approve salaries and wages (i.e., compensation) for all personnel charged to their awarded sponsored projects on a biannual basis.  

Compensation reports are generated twice per year (typically August and February) for activity incurred during periods (January 1 through June 30) and (July 1 through December 31). PIs will receive an email notification that compensation reports for projects, for which they are the assigned PI, have been prepared and loaded for their review. 

To access the reports click on the link below, and sign in using your single sign-on ID and password.  Once inside the Peoplesoft application, click on the main menu and scroll down until you see the Sponsored Compensation link. After clicking the link, you will be presented your list of sponsored projects and all personnel charges made during the covered period. For more information on the review and approval process, please visit the YouTube video link below for further assistance.

If you have any questions related to Sponsored project policies and procedures, contact Gina Cofield for assistance.


Deadlines for Validating Reports

Please review and process your reports a soon as possible after receiving your email notification.  Reports are due 30 days from the date they become available.  If any report is not checked/verified within the system and approved, notifications will be sent to the PI by the system administrator and/or the Vice President of Research according to the following schedule:




7 Day Deadline

Notification sent by System Administrator


15 Day Deadline

Notification sent by the Vice President of Research

Daily until Day 30

30 Day Deadline

Notification of Project(s) suspension for any report not reviewed and approved.