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Information for Current Students

For assistantship opportunities, whether RA or TA, please do not approach faculty unwarranted with requests. When the time comes, and if there is a position available, an announcement will be made by the professor or the department.

As a general rule, assistantships in Automotive Engineering are given to Ph.D. students and rarely to M.S. students.

Internships Issues

For questions/concerns regarding internship opportunities, availability, and applications, follow the process below:

Problem Severity Incremental Steps to Take
High As a last resort you may reach out to the industry contact, if AUE has provided it to you and the company has confirmed that it's okay.
Medium For questions/concerns about whether the internship will count, is long enough, etc., discuss with your academic advisor.
Low For generic questions about opportunities and openings, discuss with the AUE staff at

CPT/OPT Concerns

When an international student receives a job/internship relating to their studies, it becomes necessary to fill out the CPT paperwork. Numerous questions can arise regarding the CPT approval process, forms, and iStart Portal items.

Problem Severity Incremental Steps to Take
High Complex, time sensitive, and the most important issues should be asked to the Office of Global Engagement Office. Contact Taylor Rigot in person at CU-ICAR or email
Medium More in-depth, but still relatively common CPT/OPT questions can be asked to the Student Services Coordinator
Low For small generic problems, talk to your academic advisor. They can assist on very common CPT/OPT questions

Graduating students wishing to apply for OPT should start the process at least 60 days before graduation. To get the process started, or to have questions answered, email International Services at

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For training, workshop, and job fair opportunities, please visit the Center for Career and Professional Development – Michelin Career Center.

Occasionally, AUE will host the Michelin Career Center for different workshops and seminars. Those will be announced by the department.


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Automotive engineering students are encouraged to take advantage of the services offered through the Michelin Career Center. In addition to helping with a job or internship search, the Michelin Career Center can help you identify your ideal career path through assessments and one-on-one advising. To schedule an appointment, call 864-656-0440.


ClemsonJobLink is a job site that allows students and recent alumni to connect with employers.

Graduate Student Resources
Compiled by the Michelin Career Center, this page features a number of employment sites, many with special interest for graduate students. Here, students can also download the Graduate Student Career Plan, developed by the career center.

ASME Career Center*
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) job listings. 

Auto Industry Central* 
Visitors can search for automotive industry jobs, including those in engineering and management.

Engineer Jobs* 
Jobs on this site are listed by engineering discipline.

IEEE Job Boards*
Engineering and technology jobs posted on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers or IEEE site

MT Careers*
The only manufacuturing industry-specific job board.

Postdoc Jobs* 
Postdoc Jobs is the first online recruiting service for the postdoc community.

SAE Career Center* 
This site is designed to link job seekers with employers in the mobility industry.

*These sites are not affiliated with Clemson University or the Department of Automotive Research. This listing is meant only as a reference; Clemson has no control over the content of these sites or the services offered.

All Students

Student Data Sheet
Waiver Request Form

Assistantship Students

GS2000 Graduate Assistant Tuition Remission Form

F-1 Visa Students

Form IS-120: Request to Amend I-20
Form IS-125: Request for Reduced Course Load
Form IS-130: Request for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Authorization
Form IS-140: Request for Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT)


Employer Evaluation of Student
Student Evaluation of Internship

Graduating Students

GS4: Online Diploma Application - No longer used. See Grad School's list of frequently used forms.
GS5D: Results of the Doctoral Comprehensive Exam and Candidacy Form
GS7M: For master's degree students, Final Exam and Thesis Approval Form
GS7D: For doctoral degree students, Dissertation Defense and Approval Form

Can't find what you are looking for? Try the Grad School's list of frequently used forms.

Issues with the grade you received should be taken up with the instructor first. It is the policy of Clemson University that students cannot appeal grades, although you may file an official grievance under certain circumstances (you may not file a grievance for a faculty member’s use of a particular grading system) with the Academic Grievance Policy. Note that staff members do not have input on what your grade, or GPA should be.

Problem Severity Incremental Steps to Take
High If you have discussed with the Student Services Coordinator and the Graduate Program Coordinator, and they have confirmed the possibility of an Academic Grievance, you may file one
Medium If you believe an Academic Grievance may have been committed, discuss with Student Services Coordinator, and Dr. Beshah Ayalew, our Graduate Program Coordinator
Low Talk to your instructor about your grade

Student Billing

Questions often arise about deadlines, payment plans, specific charges on bills, refunds, as well as fellowship and assistantship coverage and/or fees.

Problem Severity Incremental Steps to Take
High For bill questions, email
For loan, fellowship, scholarship, or assistantship items, email
Medium If the question/issue persists after 24 hours, email a screenshot of your bill to the Student Services Coordinator ( AUE Staff do not have access to your bill on their own.
Low Give it 24 hours and then check your bill again.

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There are numerous things you must do as you near graduation – apply to graduate, complete your final GS2, defend and submit the GS7 if you are a Ph.D. student and more. Here are some helpful things to make it go much smoother.

Problem Severity Incremental Steps to Take
High For specific questions regarding forms, deadlines, etc. email Eartha White in Enrolled Student Services
Medium For more in depth, but common questions, discuss with the Student Services Coordinator
Low For generic questions, such as deadlines and procedures, check the Clemson Graduation Deadlines page.

Helpful links

GS2 How-To

GS2 Presentation Download

Health insurance is a complex issue, that often changes rapidly, and sometimes without notice. In order to deal with that, any questions regarding insurance payments, waivers, refunds, options, etc. should be dealt with via Clemson’s own health insurance materials and contacts.

Problem Severity Incremental Steps to Take
High Email specific staff
Insurance: Vickie Metz & Cassie Mangum
Health Info: Priscilla Bryson
Admin Support: Kimberly Coker
Medium Email, their generic email that can get routed to the right person
Low Browse the Clemson Insurance and Billing Page or the provided material for our department, to see if the answer can be found there

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Download the following presentation for more information regarding class registration best practices.
Class Registartion Best Practices Presentation

These are common during peak registration times in the fall (for the spring semester) and the spring and summer (for the fall semester). Depending on what your issue is in iRoar, here’s how you handle it:

  • Questions about registration timings, best practices, what to expect?
    • Consult our Registration Best Practices material
  • Facing a registration error?
    • Email the Student Services Coordinator with the following. Emailing these items will tremendously speed up the amount of time it takes to override the error.
      • Screenshot of the error you are facing on iRoar
      • Your CUID
      • The CRN of the course you are trying to register for
  • iRoar not functioning properly or having technical issues?

image alt text

If you have issues with class offerings (or lack thereof) or class timings, the below steps should be taken in incremental order. If these steps are not taken, faculty and staff cannot get a grasp of what is truly a need, or what is a frivolous desire. At the end of the day, class offerings are not guaranteed, and class schedules are not guaranteed to move in order to fit with your personal schedule, although large problems can possibly be addressed if these steps are followed.

Things to Keep in Mind When Addressing Class Schedule/Offerings Issues:

  1. There is strength in numbers. A lot of students with the same problem have a greater chance of changing something than just one student with a random issue. However, that does not mean to start a petition without guidance.
  2. Approach people listed in the steps below with possible solutions and ideas, not just complaints.
  3. Whatever decision is made, even if it goes against what you were trying to get, you must live with it. There are many factors that go into a class schedule, some of which include faculty availability, room size, fire code, VTC capability, other course offerings, etc. It is not as easy to change something as it may seem on paper.
Problem Severity Incremental Steps to Take
High As a very last resort, and only if you have discussed with appropriate AUE staff, approach the faculty member of the course with the issue.
Medium Try and get a rough number of students with the issue. Then take it to the Student Services Coordinator, who can run it by the necessary faculty and GRC.
Low Discuss with other students. If a large group has the same issue, then proceed. If you’re the only one with the issue, not much can be done. *If you are the only one facing an issue, you are welcome to still talk to the Student Services Coordinator and see what can be done, it’s just that wholesale changes are not likely.

Many students are employed by the department or professors, either as hourly workers or as Graduate Assistants. If you run into any questions with your pay, here’s how you can handle it.

Time Sheet Tutorial

How to Fill Out Your Time Sheet Video Tutorial
Problem Severity Incremental Steps to Take
High Depending on Brittany’s response, and what the root cause of the issue is, you may need to discuss with your supervisor.
Low Talk to the AUE Accountant Brittany Burgess (Suite 334, as more times than not, she can answer your question on the spot.

As a general rule, students should not have packages addressed to themselves delivered to the Campbell Graduate Engineering Center (i.e. magazines, subscriptions, important bills, etc.), but rather have them sent to their home personal address. While students working under a professor are welcome to have items that relate to the research delivered here, general mail should go to their home.

Inevitably, we do have several things that students may or may not have signed up for that come addressed to them in the form of mail here. Sometimes, if our student workers recognize the recipient as having a cubicle, they will put the mail on that desk. However, that is not to be expected. Mail addressed to students is put in the Student Mail Tray, which is located on the 3rd floor, near Office 329, in our cubby/mail center. Mail addressed to students will be left there for 1 month, before it is discarded. Students are encouraged to come up and go through that mail from time to time and see if anything belongs to them.

Filing taxes is always a complicated procedure, which may become more complicated with the addition of a Visa, etc.

  • Clemson University employees are not allowed to give tax advice. However, the Clemson Human Resources Department has put together a great page on tax information for international students and employees, which can be found here: INTERNATIONAL TAX INFORMATION
  • On this page, you will find the following:
    • How to Determine if You Are a “Resident” or “Non-Resident” for Tax Purposes
    • What to Do Before You File Taxes
    • Free Clemson Area Tax Prep Locations Offered Through the United Way
    • And More Info!

Any questions or concerns regarding taxes should be directed to a certified tax preparer or a local IRS field office.

For International students, please also see the following note from Clemson University’s International Services office:

International Services cannot offer individual assistance for filing taxes in the U.S. as we are not tax professionals. Students who need tax advice are strongly encouraged to consult a tax preparation specialist. To find a local tax preparation specialist, please visit You can also hire a tax professional or certified tax accountant, who charge for services.

More information regarding F-1 and J-1 Visa holders filing taxes can be found here: FILING U.S. TAXES

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There are a number of transportation options for CU-ICAR students.

The Greenlink St. Francis-CU-ICAR shuttle is a 12.5-mile loop that runs from the St. Francis Eastside Hospital on Patewood Drive, along Woodruff Road to Waterside Apartments, onto Verdae Boulevard and passes the Route 8 shelter with connections to downtown Greenville. The loop then heads to Laurens Road and the St. Francis Millennium campus at Innovation Drive, before stopping at CU-ICAR off Millennium Boulevard and returning to St. Francis Eastside. The shuttle runs every 30 minutes. The current operation schedule* is Monday-Friday from 5:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. The shuttle does not run on Sunday or holidays (New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas).

Tiger Commute links CU-ICAR with Clemson's main campus. Please review the PDF to see the route (page 2) and schedule (pages 3-4 and 6). This service does not run on weekends or university holidays.

For questions about the Tiger Connection and Tiger Commute services, please contact Clemson Parking and Transportation Services at 864-656-2270.


Jeremiah Farmer
Student Services Manager
(864) 283-7230

Carlos Howard
Student Services Coordinator
(864) 283-7212

The Department's staff is eager to help students with questions, concerns, and projects. If you aren't sure who to reach out to, you can always ask us at!