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Graduation Deadlines

Deadline Information These deadlines are University and Graduate School deadlines; your department may have additional deadlines you must meet to satisfy program requirements. Check with your department to make sure you know what these departmental deadlines are.

For those who expect to receive a graduate degree in: Dec 2022 May 2023 Aug 2023
Last Day to:
Complete Comprehensive Exams* June 15,

November 10,

February 3, 2023
Submit final GS2 Form** (Plan of Study/Graduate Degree Curriculum) to Enrolled Services*** August 17,
January 4, 2023 May 9,
Apply to graduate (sign in to iROAR, go to “Student Record” and select “Apply to Graduate”). Please note that you may fill out the Diploma Application only if you are planning to apply for the next graduation date. Please call 656-5339 or email Enrolled Services (last names A-L, last names M-Z) if you have questions. September 13, 2022 February 1, 2023 June 6,
Order graduation regalia For current deadline information check with the campus bookstore
Schedule defense: submit the date/time/location of your defense via the Submit Defense Form. This adds your defense to the defense calendar and serves as the required written notice to Enrolled Services. Your defense must be scheduled early enough to allow time for committee-required revisions to your thesis or dissertation before the GS7 deadline (below). Typically you should allow at least two weeks between your defense and the GS7 deadline. No later than 10 days before your defense
File GS7M (for master’s students) or GS7D (for doctoral students) with Enrolled Services.

Note: deadlines for Spring '22 through Summer '23 were originally set earlier; the dates on this page are the correct ones.

MArch students: see your program coordinator for your deadlines for this and subsequent steps.
November 28, 2022 April 14,
July 20,
Submit completed thesis or dissertation electronically for format approval from the Manuscript Review Office. The only revisions you may make after this date are formatting revisions requested by the Manuscript Review Office. December 2,
April 21,
July 27,
All revisions requested by the Manuscript Review Office must be completed and approved by the Manuscript Review Office. If you need to make changes to your ETD after this date, you will need to consult your advisor and Enrolled Services about delaying your graduation until the following semester. December 9,
April 28,
August 3,

*For examinations consisting of several parts (e.g., a written plus an oral, or a written in cumulative format), the date of completion will coincide with the date of the last examination activity.

** The GS2 should be filed during the second semester of your course of study (master’s degree) or during your second year of study (doctoral degree). It is a map of your course of study and ensures you receive appropriate and timely academic advising. The GS2 may be filed as late as the deadline listed here, but should be filed much earlier to be most effective. If your plan of study changes between when you file an original GS2 and the deadline date listed above, you must file an amended GS2. If you have GS2 routing issues, contact your program coordinator first. For technical problems, contact

*** A $75 late fee will be assessed when the GS2 form or the application for graduation via iROAR is submitted after the deadline above and will increase at the rate of $5 per business day thereafter. Late fee payments must be made directly to the Office of Enrolled Student Services (located in 104D Sikes Hall).

Checklist of Graduate School Procedures

All graduate students should carefully note this checklist as well as the above deadline dates.

  1. Select (in consultation with the appropriate department head) a major advisor and advisory committee.
  2. Submit Plan of Study/Graduate Degree Curriculum (Online GS2).
  3. Satisfy any prescribed language requirement and comprehensive examination prerequisite for admission to candidacy.
  4. Apply for admission to candidacy for a doctoral degree (Form GS5D) and turn in Form GS-ResearchApproval to Enrolled Services.
  5. Order diploma (through iROAR) after completing at least half the prescribed course work.
  6. Order cap, gown, and hood from University Bookstore.
  7. Submit completed thesis (if required) or dissertation to research advisor and arrange for final examination by the advisory committee.
  8. Complete final examination or defense (Form GS7M for master’s students or Form GS7D for doctoral students).
  9. Review thesis/dissertation submission guidelines and procedures, and make sure you submit your properly formatted manuscript prior to the deadline.

The final responsibility for ensuring compliance with these procedures rests with the graduate student. Special problems should be referred to the graduate dean.

Enrolled Services

104-D Sikes Hall
(864) 656-5339 (For students whose last names begin with A–L)
(864) 656-5341 (For students whose last names begin with M–Z)

Manuscript Review Office

To find guidelines for preparing your thesis or dissertation manuscript, visit the thesis and dissertation section of our website, and download free ETD Templates, Tools & Resources.

Formatting questions are best addressed via email: