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CPSC and CIS Majors

Bachelor's Degree Programs

The School of Computing offers three undergraduate degree programs each containing a strong and common technical core that emphasizes the development of programming and problem solving skills:

The programs share a common computer science core, but typically differ in requirements during the junior and senior years with different emphases in areas outside of computer science:

  • The BS-CS degree requires more required mathematics, science, and computer science coursework.
    • The BS-CS degree is the most technical of the three degree programs.
  • The BA-CS degree requires four semesters of a modern language course and a minor.
    • The BA-CS degree allows for flexibility in choosing upper-level computer science coursework and supports students with multi-disciplinary interests.
  • The BS-CIS degree requires business, accounting, and information systems coursework.
    • The BS-CIS degree is best suited for those who want a solid technical background, but extensive exposure to business information systems.

All three degrees (BS-CS, BA-CS, and BS-CIS) require demonstration of Advanced Writing and Oral Communication competency through the following:

Advanced Writing: ENGL 3040, 3120, 3140 (preferred), 3150, 3160, or 3303
Oral Communication: COMM 1500, 2500, HONS 2230

The General Education Oral Communication requirements may also be fulfilled by satisfying one of the following sequences: AS 3090, 3100, 4090, 4100; or ML 1010, 1020.

Visit the Clemson Registrar's website on changing academic programs to find out information on how to declare or change your major.

Combined Bachelors/Masters Degree Program

Eligible students may participate in the Bachelor to Graduate program. See the Bachelors to Graduate information page for more details.

Honors Program

Departmental Honors in computer science requires taking a junior-year honors seminar and a senior-year honors thesis (for a total of 7-8 credit hours.) Please see Ms. Kristi Cabrera or Dr. Chris Plaue for honors advising. The previous honors advisor, Dr. Jim Martin, also maintains additional information and frequently asked questions.

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