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US Student Employment

We are excited to have you join us in the ECE Department!   

This page contains important information that is pertinent to your employment within the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, please read it carefully. This is for both brand new students to Clemson as a Graduate Student and for returning students on payroll.

The documents listed below are required for employment.  If you had a break in your employment (not including summer/winter break) then you are required to complete the I-9 form again and provide appropriate documentation again.

Please complete each document (according to the instructions below) and bring them with you when you meet with the ECE Payroll Coordinator.  You will also need to bring official identification documentation. A list of acceptable documents can be found on the last page of the I-9 form.  From the list, you will need to bring either 1 original document from list A or 1 original document from list B and 1 original document from list C.  If you choose to bring one of the acceptable documents from list A we also ask that you bring your original social security card.  The Social Security Administration requires employers, including Clemson University, to enter all employee names into the payroll system as it appears on the employee’s social security card. 

Please carefully review the Student Employment Policy Summary and an Important Payroll Information sheet.  

Documents for you to provide to complete the new hire process:

  1. I-9 form

Complete Section 1 (Employee Information and Attestation), indicate your citizenship, and sign and date the form in the Signature of Employee and Date boxes.  Bring this completed form with you when you meet with the payroll coordinator.  This is also required when there is a break in employment (not including summer/winter breaks).

  1. Student Data Sheet

Complete all of the information on this form and bring it with you when you meet with the ECE Payroll Coordinator or email it her.

Graduate Student Employment Guidelines:

  1. You must be here by the first day of classes.
  2. You must enroll in 9 credits (full time graduate student) during the entire term(s) you are employed.
  3. On your assistantship, you will receive a reduced tuition. You are responsible for out of pocket expenses of the remaining tuition and fees and insurance.
  4. You are NOT Eligible to work until the new hire paperwork is completed. You will receive an email with your employee ID and date you can start working from the ECE Payroll Coordinator.
  5. Graduate student employees should not exceed work hour limitations:
    • 28 paid service hours per week for US students if approved

5.During the AY year, Student employee must accurately report paid service hours worked in a timely manner via the Time Capture system: Log in to the Graduate and Resident Assistant Time Capture System to report paid service hours worked. This is for the purpose for HR to capture your hours each week, it has nothing to do with rate of pay.  Instructions for Time Capture System

6.During the summer months, graduate employees may move to Hourly employees. There are no enrollment requirements as an hourly employee. Daily punch in and out is required in KRONOS timekeeping system for students who are hourly employees. You are only allowed to work the allotted hours you have been approved for each week. The work week is Sunday-Saturday.