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Ph.D. Qualifying Examination

Every student enrolled in the ECE Ph.D. program is required to pass a written qualifying examination. The objective of this examination is to ensure the adequacy of each student's background. The examination tests undergraduate ECE material. The exam is given once each year during a break in the semester to ensure there are no course conflicts. Each student who enters the Ph.D. program with a prior M.S. degree in the major must take the exam at the first opportunity. Each student entering the Ph.D. program with only a prior B.S. degree (i.e., direct-entry Ph.D. students) may take the exam at the first opportunity or may defer the exam until the second opportunity.

Students taking the exam for the first time are required to complete the Qualifying Examination Signup Form and turn it in to the Student Services Program Coordinator for the graduate program. Students taking the exam for the second time are required to complete the Qualifying Examination Retake Form and turn it into the Student Services Coordinator for the graduate program. The signup deadline and the dates and times of the next exam can be found below. The registration forms are fillable PDFs. However, you must save the form on your computer first, then enter your information and save it again in order for the text to save.

Additional information about the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination may be found in the Graduate Program Handbook.

2020-2021 Academic year Ph.D. Qualifying Examination Dates:
Spring 2021: Monday, March 15 at 1:00pm - Closed Book Exam
Spring 2021: Tuesday, March 16 at 9:00am - Open Book Exam

Ph.D. Qualifying Examination Registration Deadline:
Friday, December 18, 2020 at 4:30pm

Optional Study Help Session for the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination:

For additional information about the exam, please contact Jeanine Hayes

On the signup form, the student must select three topics. The following is the list of topics for each program.

Electrical Engineering Exam Topics
Power & Energy Systems
Probability and Random Variables
Signals and Systems


Computer Engineering Exam Topics
Computer Hardware and Architecture
Computer System Structures
Probability and Random Variables
Programming Systems and Software Engineering
Signals and Systems