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Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam

A student in the Ph.D. program is classified as a “candidate for the doctorate” (or is "admitted to candidacy") upon successful completion of the Comprehensive Examination and dissertation proposal. 

The student's advisory committee administers this exam. The content and scope of the exam are at the discretion of the committee. As part of the comprehensive exam, the student must submit a proposal to their advisory committee outlining the details of the research planned to fulfill the dissertation requirement. The advisory committee evaluates the research proposal and may require an oral defense. Additionally, the advisory committee may require a written or a combination of written and oral exam. Satisfactory completion of the comprehensive examination must occur at least six months prior to the date of graduation. The GS5D (Doctoral Candidacy) form is required for documentation of the completion of the requirement.

Two Forms are required:

  • GS5D
  • GS-Research Approval Form

You must have an up-to-date GS2- Committee Selection in iroar.

How to schedule your Comprehensive Exam:

First you must have your committee members agree on a date/time. Then you must confirm and schedule your Qualifier with the ECE Graduate Coordinator.

Please complete this form and send it back to the ECE Graduate Coordinator.

The ECE Graduate Coordinator will send an official memo to your committee and update and circulate the required forms (GS5D and GS-Research Approval) the day of your exam and send to Enrolled Student Services.

Additional information about the Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam may be found in the Graduate Student Handbook.

For additional information about the exam, please contact Jennifer Gooch.