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Non-Clemson Students

Clemson Hydrogeology Field Camp

Clemson Hydrogeology Field Camp

Students who are not currently enrolled at Clemson are welcome to attend field camp. You should check with your home university if you intend to transfer the 6 hours of course credit from Clemson to your university. Most universities will accept the Clemson course as the field camp requirement for an undergraduate degree in Geology. Contact Scott Brame ( if you need additional info to satisfy your university about the transfer of credits.

To apply for our field camp, you must fill out the Application Form.

Please be aware that completing the online Application does not enroll you in the course. After submitting a deposit, you will receive instructions on how to apply for transient student status (only needed for non-Clemson students) which is not available until January.

Housing and tuition costs for 2022 can be found on the Estimated Costs Page, expect prices to rise slightly for 2023.