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SPECTRA: Current Students

SPECTRA is Here to Support You Along the Way

Today's businesses search for graduates who can go beyond basic academic abilities. People skills, sometimes called soft skills, include communicating, listening, critical thinking, leadership, and cooperation.

SPECTRA provides hands-on teamwork that allows you the ability to provide and accept feedback, develop empathy, and contend with contrasting personalities. By developing these interpersonal skills, you can impress prospective employers.

Your participation in SPECTRA allows you to develop teamwork and professional skill sets valuable for your path to graduation and beyond. As with any new program, adjustments continue to be made to ensure we provide the best support. Clemson University and CECAS offer many programs, such as tutoring, mentoring, and advising, and we encourage you to use them!

Student Resources

Clemson University maintains top-rated programs to help Undergraduates reach their potential. The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) has been rated by Princeton Review in their 2020 Rankings as #1 Best Career Services and #7 Best Schools for Internships. The Academic Success Center is utilized by nearly 75% of First-Year and Transfer Students. Our PEER & WISE Program received the 2018 Inspiring Programs in STEM Award.

University resources

Academic Programs

Scheduling and Resources

Advising is a strong component of CECAS. Advisors aim to help students achieve goals and work towards academic success.

Advising Resources

Events and Experience Opportunities

The Career Center has consistently been rated as one of the top-ranked career centers in the country. Whether crafting a resume or seeking professional development, they can help prepare you for a stellar future.

Career Resources

Peer Course Support

CECAS offers several programs that are led by peers who can help review concepts, practice problems, and offer ways to improve study skills. Beyond the college, the University has a dedicated learning center to help you succeed.

Upcoming Events and News

We are looking forward to a fun semester ahead. Check here for events, resources, and up-to-date SPECTRA Newsletter.

The SPECTRA team will use SLACK in the upcoming year for communication in addition to emails. We encourage you to use SLACK to keep up with and support each other while studying. As we go through the year, you will be able to connect with new SPECTRA students and welcome them to the Clemson Family. We hope this can be a place for you to develop a community with one another.

SPECTRA Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter is a quick reference on ways to connect with Spectra members, find tutors on a variety of subjects, and stay in the know about University events.

For more information about the newsletters or activities, please contact Janey Charles.



Clemson University Student Events

Events are regularly added and may change. Please check for updates.

Meet the SPECTRA Team

Members of the SPECTRA Team are dedicated individuals who span three institutions. Their aim is to help make the transfer to Clemson University a smooth and fulfilling move. If you need any assistance or want to reach out, please don't hesitate to connect!