In the 1980s, it became evident that biomaterial publications were broadly distributed throughout medical, engineering, biological and material science journals. Consequently, researchers could not quickly identify the critical historical literature. Dr. C. William Hall, founder of the Society For Biomaterials, envisioned a documentation center that would gather the information, artifacts and documents that define the interdisciplinary field of biomaterials and electronically disseminate them worldwide.

Upon Hall's death in 1992, an endowment fund was established with memorial gifts from colleagues, family and friends. Two major gifts form the nucleus of the center's holdings. Sheila Hall, Dr. Hall's widow, donated his professional library, memorabilia and awards.

Additionally, Jonathan Black, a past president of the Society For Biomaterials, donated his professional library, a portion of which has already been transferred to the center. A drive is currently under way to obtain additional materials from distinguished individuals within the field.

The center was formally established in 1998, with headquarters in Clemson, and has its own board of directors. Several projects are under way, with advice from Clemson Libraries staff.

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