The professional libraries, memorabilia and awards of C. William Hall, founder of the Society For Biomaterials, and Jonathan Black, past president of the Society For Biomaterials, form the nucleus of the center's holdings. Some of the electronically archived works are available below.

C.W. Hall Collection

Slides and Presentations

Artificial Intrathoracic Circulatory Pumps
Artificial Limbs - Horse Model
Surgery - Goat Model

Patents, Design Specifications

Permanently Attached Artificial Limb - Patent 4,143,426

Research Studies and Proposals

Surgery Log - Goat Study, 1977

Jonathan Black Collection

Slides and Presentations

AAOS, Atlanta, March 5-17, 1979
DC Stimulation, April 19, 1979
Biocompatibility 1, Drexel, 1-31-79
Biocompatibility 2, Drexel, 1-31-79
Non-Union Case, April 20, 1979
Non-Union Cases, 1979
Non-Union Cases, 12-73 to 12-96
Abrams' Methods
Articular Cartilage-1
Articular Cartilage-2
Electrically Induced Osteogenesis

Materials Properties Slides

Materials Properties-1
Materials Properties-2
Materials Properties-3
Materials Properties-4
Materials Properties-5
Materials Properties-6
Materials Properties-7
Materials Properties-8
Materials Properties-9

Audio and Video Holdings

Ethics at the Interface - Audio

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