The Watt Family Innovation Center

Our Mission

The mission of the Watt Family Innovation Center is to create an environment where collaboration between students, faculty, and leaders from industry and government agencies generates ideas and solves complex problems.

Catapulting Ideas to Reality

The Watt Family Innovation Center utilizes state-of-the-art information technology and special facilities to enable undergraduate and graduate students — from all Clemson colleges — to think ahead of the curve, develop their own ideas with support from faculty mentors and to connect with industry partners seeking new methods and solutions.

There is flexible space for collaboration and project development and for industry and government partners to work side-by-side with students and faculty, exploring and discovering new concepts for the marketplace.

Students and their innovative ideas and concepts are nurtured and supported by faculty members and professional partners.


  • Student-centered innovative and collaborative environment
  • Agile and interdisciplinary interactive learning center
  • Immersion in critical-thinking scenarios
  • Foster industry, government and academic partnerships
  • Generate highest caliber faculty & students