Welcome to OTEI

We support all instructors through Academic Continuity 2020
Here's how to get help:

Visit the Academic Continuity pages and do a virtual "drop in" for help
Look at the full slate of resources on the Clemson Academic Continuity canvas course
Email an OTEI consultant directly! We are here to help you, to listen and brainstorm solutions, and to connect you with resources:
Taimi Olsen taimio@clemson.edu
Leslie Lewis lalewis@clemson.edu
Karen Franklin kbunch@clemson.edu
Allyson Wilcox allysod@clemson.edu
Stop by Friday morning for a virtual chat with staff and your peers



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Emails announcing events and programs will be sent at the start of each week, no more than once per week. For guidelines, email otei@clemson.edu.