Graduate Advisory Committee

Last Updated:   4/5/2022

Contact Name

Dena Smith, Assistant to the Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School


The Graduate Advisory Committee independently studies and reviews policy on non-curricular graduate student academic matters and on those issues affecting the general welfare of graduate students.

This committee is authorized and described in the Clemson University Faculty Manual. Changes to its description or composition should be initiated with the current President of the Faculty Senate.

Membership Composition

Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School (or dean�s designee) serves as non-voting chair

Membership Composition - Graduate Advisory Committee
Seat Type Quantity Term Length Date of Term Initiation Seat Filling Mechanism Voting or Non-Voting Other Factors
Faculty Member (any) 1 3 years Appointed by Faculty Senate President Voting  
Faculty Member (any) (One per college and the libraries) 8 3 years Elected by faculty accorded voting rights in each college Voting  
Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School or designee 1 By position Non-voting  
Graduate Student 2 1 year Nominated by President of the Graduate Student Government and Appointed by Dean of the Graduate School Voting  

Membership List (Last Updated: 4/5/2022 6:02:45 PM)

Changes to the current chair and membership list should be initiated with the Faculty Senate Office.


Chair List - Graduate Advisory Committee
Name Chair Type Email* College or Division Department Term Start Term End
Brian Dominy Chair dominy CoS Chemistry


Member List - Graduate Advisory Committee
Name Seat Type Email* College or Division Department Service Start Service End
Andreea Mihalache Faculty Member (any) amihala CAAH Architecture 8/15/2019 8/14/2022
Bhupinder Farmaha Faculty Member (any) bfarmah CAFLS Plant and Environmental Sciences 8/15/2020 8/14/2023
Tracy Fasolino Faculty Member (any) tfasoli CBSHS School of Nursing 8/14/2023
Thompson Mefford Faculty Member (any) mefford CECAS Materials Science and Engineering 8/15/2021 8/14/2024
Rachel Getman Faculty Member (any) rgetman CECAS Chemical Engineering 8/15/2020 8/14/2023
William Dougan Faculty Member (any) douganw CoB Economics 8/15/2019 8/14/2022
Rachelle Savitz Faculty Member (any) rsavitz CoE Education & Human Development 8/15/2021 8/14/2024
Meredith Morris Faculty Member (any) mmorri3 CoS Genetics and Biochemistry 8/15/2019 8/14/2022
Renna Redd Faculty Member (any) rennar University Libraries 8/14/2024
Abi Roberts Graduate Student CECAS 8/14/2022
Travis Roberts Graduate Student robert2 Graduate Student 8/14/2022
* Emails are unless noted
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