Clemson University Repository for Bylaws & TPR Documents

Thank you for your interest in Shared Governance Structures at Clemson University. This site serves as a repository for College Bylaws, Department Bylaws and Departmental Tenure, Promotion and Reappointment (TPR) documents. Guidance for faculty and staff revising their documents should refer to the drop-down below:

  • Resources for Document Revision

    The following documents contain checklists to help departments and colleges with updates to help units with their Bylaws and TPR documents.

    Best Practices for Departmental TPR/Bylaw Development

     The Shared Governance website contains the checklists used by the Faculty Manual Consultant for review.

    Workflow of document development:

    1. Departmental faculty draft the document.
      1. When it is believed to be ready for departmental approval, it is sent to the Faculty Manual Consultant for an initial review.
      2. If there are suggested changes, these should be incorporated prior to departmental faculty approval.
    2. Department faculty approve the document in a faculty meeting in accordance with departmental bylaws
    3. A departmental representative sends the document to the Faculty Manual Consultant for routing.
      1. The Faculty Manual Consultant reviews the document again, completing the checklist.
      2. The Faculty Manual Consultant attaches a routing cover sheet for documentation of required reviews and approvals.
      3. If any approvers have concerns about the document, they can either contact the department directly or the Faculty Manual Consultant. If a change is required, the approval process will begin again needing approval by the departmental faculty and review by the Faculty Manual Consultant.
      4. Once the document has received all required approvals, it will be saved as a pdf and uploaded to the Shared Governance website with the routing coversheet and checklist.

      Faculty Manual References:

    • Departmental bylaws must be approved by the voting members of the departmental faculty and reviewed for consistency with the Faculty Manual by the Provost or designee, in accordance with Chapter IX, L2d.
    • The departmental TPR document must be approved by the regular departmental faculty, department chair, college dean, and Provost (Chapter V, D1d).
    • College bylaws require approval by the Provost (Ch II, Article III-1 and Ch IX, K1d).
    • The Faculty Manual Consultant is responsible for reviewing departmental TPR documents, departmental and college bylaws for content conformance with the Faculty Manual (Ch X, K1a, i.).





    Please direct questions regarding the above documents and college/departmental requirements to Faculty Manual Consultant, Fran McGuire (


College and Departmental Bylaws

Departmental TPR Documents