Clemson Foundation Board of Directors

The board of directors has four categories of membership - elected, automatic, ex-officio and honorary.

Elected Directors are constituent leaders nominated by alumni and friends, reviewed by a nominating committee and elected by the board.

Automatic Directors include the immediate past chair of the Clemson University Foundation, the president and president-elect of the Clemson University Alumni Association, the president of the Clemson University Advancement Foundation for Design & Building, the president of IPTAY, Clemson's athletic support organization, the chair of the University board of visitors, and the chair of a major capital campaign if not an elected or automatic director.

Ex-officio Directors include the president of Clemson University, the designated chair of the institutional advancement committee of the University Board of Trustees, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation, the University Director of Development and Alumni Affairs, the treasurer of the Foundation, the secretary of the Foundation, the chief investment officer of the Foundation, the chief financial officer of the University, the University Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, the executive director of the University research foundation, the president of the university faculty senate, the president of the University graduate student government, the president of the University classified staff senate and the president of the University undergraduate student government.

Honorary Directors shall be selected by the nominations committee and ratified by the executive committee and the board to serve as non-voting members and shall be eligible for reappointment annually.

For more information:
Harrison F. "Hack" Trammell
President and CEO