Order of the Oak



Under a large oak tree on the grounds of Fort Hill, Clemson University began with a meeting of the original seven Trustees in whom Thomas Green Clemson entrusted the fulfillment of his vision for the establishment of a high seminary of learning, which he described as “the one great desire of my life.” Inspired by that seminal moment in the University’s past, the Clemson University Foundation is inviting a select group of Clemson’s most trusted supporters and advocates to form the Order of the Oak to provide wisdom, guidance and momentum as the Foundation charts its course for helping the University enhance its ability to accomplish its land-grant mission in the 21st century and meet the changes and challenges of the future.


Clemson University Foundation’s Order of the Oak will be strong advocates for Clemson University and will engage in philanthropic efforts to support Clemson University’s long-term goals.


Clemson University Foundation’s Order of the Oak shall advocate for Clemson University while actively engaging in identifying, cultivating and building support for the benefit of Clemson, under the direction of Development and Alumni Relations. The Order of the Oak supports Clemson University as proactive ambassadors, meeting the changes and challenges of the future while fulfilling the University’s land-grant mission.


  • Brent Beason

    Brent Beason

  • Phil Bradley

    Phil Bradley

  • Shannon Chase

    Shannon Chase

  • Johnny Evans

    Johnny Evans

  • Dan Garrison

    Dan Garrison

  • John Gilpin

    John Gilpin

  • Gerald Glenn

    Gerald Glenn

  • Bob Hambright

    Bob Hambright

  • Bob Jordan

    Bob Jordan

  • Allen Martin

    Allen Martin

  • Allen Martin

    Tony Mathis

  • Albert McAlister

    Albert McAlister

  • Mark Moose Phillips

    Mark "Moose" Phillips

  • Mitch Norville

    Mitch Norville

  • Bill Pelham

    Bill Pelham

  • Bart Proctor

    Bart Proctor

  • Paul Shaw

    Paul Shaw

  • Brook Smith

    Brook Smith

  • Kenneth Smith

    Kenneth Smith

  • Bob Stanzione

    Bob Stanzione

  • Sharon Struthers

    Sharon Struthers

  • Emily Wallace

    Emily Wallace

  • Kim Watt

    Kim Watt

  • Pam Watt

    Pam Watt

  • Amy Yoder

    Amy Yoder