Clemson Foundation Board of Directors

The board of directors has four categories of membership - elected, automatic, ex-officio and honorary.

Voting Directors are both elected and serve automatically based upon their position.

  • Elected Directors are elected by majority vote of the board and are nominated by alumni and friends and reviewed by a nominating committee of the board.

  • Automatic Directors include the individuals that serve in the following four roles: immediate past chair of the foundation board; then-current president of IPTAY; then –current chair of any official capital fundraising campaign of Clemson; and then-current chair of the Order of the Oak.

Non-Voting Directors include both University Directors and Honorary Directors.

  • University Directors include the individuals serving in the following roles: President of Clemson University; Clemson Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations; Clemson Executive Vice President of Finance and Operations; Clemson Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost; and two (2) trustees serving on the Clemson University Board of Trustees.

Honorary Directors include individuals who have exhibited exemplary service to the Foundation and Clemson and are elected by the board annually.

For more information:
M. Karen McCauley
President and CEO