Academic Analytics at Clemson

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At Clemson University, academic leaders and faculty have access to the Benchmarking Suite and Faculty Insight products (see a comparison of features and properties here) that provide information and metrics on scholarly products and activity based on the data in the Academic Analytics database.

The Academic Analytics Database contains comparative data on over 220,000 faculty members associated with more than 9,700 Ph.D. programs and 11,000 departments at 412 universities in the United States and abroad. Data are aggregated and matched to individual faculty members in six areas of scholarly activity: book publications, journal article publications, journal article citations, published conference proceedings, federal research grants, and professional honorific awards.

Benchmarking Suite (Clemson login required)

The Benchmarking Suite is available to college deans, associate deans, and department chairs, and provides benchmarked comparisons of scholarly activity at the departmental and Ph.D. program levels to user-defined peer groups over user-defined time windows.

Faculty Insight (Clemson login required)

The Faculty Insight tool is available to academic leaders and faculty members. This tool displays the scholarly activity and products for individual faculty members, and provides them with possible funding sources, honorific award opportunities, and research collaborators based on this data. Faculty can use the Faculty Insight tool to examine their scholarly data in the Academic Analytics Database, request/report corrections to that data, and edit their research profiles to include additional scholarly data.

External Discovery

Clemson University's External Discovery Site is a public-facing gateway to our scholarly activity and products. The Site combines Academic Analytics comprehensive scholarly activity data with Clemson's own data (e.g., from Faculty Success and InfoEd) to create a modern, configurable, and fully pre-populated website that showcases our research and researchers at the University, program, department, faculty, and keyword levels. The use of static links enables faculty, programs, and departments to present their own front porch to media, donors, industry, prospective graduate students, peers, and others via their own web presences.