Requests for Information

If you are seeking information about Clemson University, we suggest that you first explore our Factbook. Filters are available to view enrollment, degrees, and admissions by college, department, or major.

If you find that the information you seek is not in the Factbook, please click on the form below to submit a request for information. If you wish to tag a particular analyst you have worked with before, include the name in the request. If you have requested similar information before, make a note of it. You may be asked to send a copy of the report you received earlier.

Turnaround time is flexible, but please provide a date that you would like the data by. Response time averages three to five days but may be longer for complex requests. Keep in mind that due to mandatory state and federal reporting, fall is our busiest time of year. Official enrollment numbers are not available until after they have been cleared by the Commission on Higher Education.

Freedom of Information Act requests should not be submitted here. Please download the FOIA (PDF) document for more information. 

Institutional Research Request Form

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