Budget 2010

Archive of FY09 Budget Messages

This is an archive of President Barker’s budget messages during FY2008-09.  Some links are no longer available.

04-17-09 – I would like to express my appreciation to the SC Senate Finance Committee for working late into the evening last night to craft a budget proposal that is not as harmful to Clemson’s Public Service Activities (PSA) division as the one debated yesterday and reported in the media this morning.

03-12-09 – The Board of Economic Advisors met yesterday (Wednesday) and lowered its state revenue estimates by 1 percent for both the current fiscal year and for FY09-10.

02-27-09 – On Friday and Monday, the budget strategies team had an opportunity to hear from chairs of task forces that have been working almost nonstop since December to help us find solutions to our financial challenges.

02-18-09 – Some incomplete and misleading information has been circulated, so I would ask you to consider these facts.

02-13-09 – My budget update this week will be brief.

02-09-09 – Dori Helms: I would like to give you some more details about some of the academic issues that President Barker outlined in his communication last Friday.

02-06-09 – As we work non-stop to address the funding crisis caused by the recession, good communication is vital. I write to update you on our progress. See complete fact sheet.

01-21-09 – John Kelly's remarks to the S.C. House Economic Development and Natural Resources Subcommittee.

01-21-09 – Jim Barker's remarks to the Higher Education Subcommittee of the House Ways & Means Committee.

01-16-09 – I have approved the implementation of three new programs designed to help Clemson University reduce payroll expenses and manage our continuing budget crisis.

01-13-09 – As the General Assembly reconvenes this week to consider state tax revenues and spending, I’d like to update you on Clemson’s budget situation.

12-11-08 – I need to update you on our budget situation, which was made even more challenging by yesterday’s (Dec.10) announcement from the state Board of Economic Advisors.

12-05-08 – In the days since our Town Meeting on the budget, and in the spirit of the season, many of you have asked me:  “What can I do to help?”

12-04-08 – I’ve made a lot of phone calls on behalf of Clemson University in my lifetime.  None were more important or more gratifying than the calls I made earlier this week to the chairs of 11 special task forces that will help Clemson deal with the new economic realities of our time.

11-21-08 – Jim Barker
Off-campus faculty and staff will not be able to attend the Town Meeting this morning at 11:30am in the Strom Thurmond Institute auditorium.  

11-20-08 – Jim Barker
There will be a special Town Meeting tomorrow – Friday, November 21 – at 11:30 am in the Self Auditorium of the Strom Thurmond Institute. 

11-18-08 – Jim Barker
The 5-day mandatory furlough announced last week will cause hardship to many Clemson families, some more than others. Many of you contacted me to suggest that we create a fund to help those who will need it most. See video message from President James F. Barker.

11-10-08 – Jim Barker
For the past three weeks, we have been working to find ways to deal with state budget cuts that now total nearly $25 million for this fiscal year. This is an enormous challenge. Clemson’s per student state funding, after adjusting for inflation, is 40 percent less than it was in 1973. See video message from President James F. Barker.

10-30-08 – Jim Barker
I write to update you on the budget situation. Last week, the General Assembly passed an amended version of its appropriation act for 2008-2009.  The cut to our state funds is about what we anticipated – nearly $25 million in total cuts, with the very real possibility that there will be more before the end of the fiscal year.

10-22-08 – Jim Barker
The General Assembly meets this week to debate and vote on final plans to cut the state budget by up to $500 million this year. I expect that higher education will see deeper cuts than other agencies. See video message from President James F. Barker.

10-17-08 – Jim Barker
We continue to monitor the state budget situation, and we may have an indication of likely budget cuts when the House Ways and Means Committee meets today. This afternoon, I plan to give the Board of Trustees an update on where we are in our budget planning process, and I wanted to share these comments with you.

10-09-08 – Jim Barker
The state of the economy is on everyone’s mind as we go about the daily business of teaching and learning at Clemson University.  However, it is not "business as usual" at Clemson.