Budget 2010

November 21, 2008

Dear Clemson:

Off-campus faculty and staff will not be able to attend the Town Meeting this morning at 11:30am in the Strom Thurmond Institute auditorium.  

I am glad to be able to announce that the presentation will be streamed live on the web.

Go to http://workgroups.clemson.edu/DCIT2804_TLT_STREAMING_VIDEO/townhall/

There will be a login page. You will need to enter your regular user name and password, as you would to log on to any other Clemson secured website.  There is an option for live audio and video, or just audio only.
The PowerPoint presentation (pdf) will also be available on my Budget Impact website after the meeting.  And the video will be uploaded later today (or over the weekend) to Clemson’s iTunesU site.  We will post a link when it is available for downloading.

Thanks to everyone who worked to make this option possible for our off-campus community.  

Jim Barker