Budget 2010

December 4, 2008

Dear Clemson:  
I’ve made a lot of phone calls on behalf of Clemson University in my lifetime.  None were more important or more gratifying than the calls I made earlier this week to the chairs of 11 special task forces that will help Clemson deal with the new economic realities of our time.  
I asked these folks to clear their calendars, give up part of their holidays, and pitch in to help.  Without exception, they said they would be honored to serve.  They are also confident that we can reduce costs, increase revenue, and maintain momentum toward our top-20 goal.
We received hundreds of names in response to a call for volunteers and nominees to these groups, and I thank everyone who submitted a name.  Each was considered, but not all could be appointed.
The task forces will vary in size, but each will be a focused, hard-working group.  Each will be guided by our new five year road map and each will have a specific financial target to meet through reducing costs or increasing revenues.  Overall, there will be broad representation by faculty, staff and students.  I’ve asked them to consider the interests of all relevant constituents, with particular emphasis on the needs of graduate and undergraduate students.   
More information on the complete make-up of the task forces will be available on the web and announced in Inside Clemson early next week.  Today, I’d like to announce the names of the 11 task forces and their chairs, and to offer my sincere thanks to the following individuals for agreeing to serve.
Jim Barker  

Budget Task Forces & Chairs

Academic Structures & Organization
            Tom Scott, Professor of Animal and Veterinary Science

Administrative & Support Structures & Organization
            Jim Barker

Continuing & Executive Education
            Jeff Martin, Director of Conference and Guest Services

Curriculum & General Education

            Jerry Waldvogel, Professor of Biological Sciences

Distribution Systems (summer school, Maymester, Intermester, online & distance learning)
            Anand Gramopadhye, Professor and Chair, Industrial Engineering

Information Technology

            Jim Bottum, Vice Provost for Computing and Information Technology and CIO

Living-Learning Environments
            Tony Cawthon, Professor of Counselor Education and Leadership Technology

Off-campus Economic Development Sites

            Bob Geolas, CU-ICAR and Karl Kelly, CURI (co-chairs)

            Stan Smith, Registrar

Summer Programs
(youth programs, camps)
            Jorge Calzadilla, Executive Director, Youth Learning Institute

Tuition & Scholarships
            Bobby McCormick and Bruce Yandle (co-chairs), Professor Emeriti, Economics