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Embedded Scholarship

Embedded scholarship is a philosophical approach to transformative health research. Collaborative research occurs when clinicians and researchers have opportunities to work together, and their research is informed by the needs of the delivery system.

Clemson’s top-tier health research faculty members are integrating, or embedding, themselves within the Greenville Health System (GHS) to experience and understand health care problems and delivery. These scholars work with clinicians and health care leaders to develop, create and analyze transformative solutions to the problems in close partnership.

The embedded scholarship initiative includes both a competitive postdoctoral program and a Faculty Fellows program. 

Faculty Fellows

Clemson University has engaged the next step in its transformative research partnership with Greenville Health System with the appointment of GHS Faculty Fellows.

The senior faculty members who are named as Faculty Fellows serve as leaders in collaborative health research between Clemson and GHS. Each Faculty Fellow is strategically embedded in a GHS department, shifting their focus from their regular teaching duties to developing a comprehensive research agenda with their embedded GHS department.

"The Faculty Fellow will produce research to improve the health of the community with their clinical partners,” said Windsor Sherrill, associate vice president for health research at Clemson and chief science officer at GHS. “Their research will also contribute to the rapidly expanding joint Clemson University and GHS collaborative research agenda through publications and presentations.”

“The dedication to research, innovation and partnership embodied in the Faculty Fellows boldly leads the way in transformative health research,” Sherrill added. “The new GHS Faculty Fellows program is a step forward in our commitment to health services research, and we appreciate these stellar faculty who are providing leadership as our inaugural fellows.”

Sarah Griffin, Ph.D.
Dr. Sarah Griffin is an associate professor in Clemson’s Department of Public Health Sciences and has served with the department since 2006. She will work with the GHS Children’s Hospital Department of Pediatrics to examine the effectiveness and costs of obesity prevention efforts associated with three GHS initiatives: the Greenville Memorial Childcare Center, the New Impact childhood obesity treatment program, and GHS health clinics at Berea, Lakeview and Tanglewood middle schools in Greenville.

Dr. Sarah Griffin is an associate professor in Clemson’s Department of Public Health Sciences at Clemson University, Clemson SC

Frances Kennedy, Ph.D.
Professor and director of the School of Accountancy and Finance at Clemson, Dr. Frances Kennedy joined the faculty in 2001 after a successful career in industry. She will collaborate with Greenville Health System’s health finance department to research, develop and evaluate health care costing models.

Joel Williams, Ph.D.
Dr. Joel Williams is an associate professor in Clemson's Department of Public Health Sciences, where he has been a faculty member since 2007. He will be embedded within Greenville Health System's pediatrics department, where he will collaborate with physicians to transform the management, assessment and treatment of pediatric chronic disease.

Faculty Fellows, School of Health Research, Clemson University, Clemson SC

Embedded Scholars

Embedded research assistant professors and postdoctoral fellows are junior research faculty researchers who integrate cutting-edge research methods and experience into the Greenville Health System. The postdoctoral fellows work with a Clemson faculty mentor and a GHS clinical mentor to evaluate, analyze and create solutions to health care challenges. 

The Embedded Postdoctoral Fellows each focus on a specific research area. They are:

  • Sharon Holder, Ph.D., research assistant professor

    Sharon Holder, Ph.D., Embedded Scholar, School of Health Reserach at Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

    Health Care Transformation

    Sharon is improving care models for the treatment of young psychiatric cases in the emergency department.

    Academic Partners, Clemson and GHS

  • Chelsea LeNoble, Ph.D., postdoctoral fellow

    ChelseaPostdoctoral fellow Chelsea LeNoble graduated from Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, FL with a PhD in Industrial & Organizational Psychology in December of 2016. She has recently joined Clemson University’s Department of Psychology as an embedded scholar, where she serves as a liaison with Greenville Health System researchers. Her primary role in this position is to further collaborative research efforts between the two institutions, assisting with current research projects relating to conscious leadership, indices and evaluations of training effectiveness, and leadership and work team enhancement. Chelsea’s research interests include occupational health psychology, self-regulation in the workplace, and employee recovery from work demands. If you would like to know more about her work, you can reach her at

  • Dr. Susan O'Hara, postdoctoral fellow

    Susan O'Hara, Ph.D., Embedded Scholar, School of Health Reserach at Clemson University, Clemson South CarolinaDr. Susan O’Hara will be joining GHS Health Research Division in the coming months to explore the connection between critical care facility design and caregiver-patient relationships. She holds numerous advanced degrees in both nursing and public health and has operated O’Hara Healthcare Consultants for 24 years. Her work as an embedded scholar with GHS will focus on improving inter-professional communication and caregiver-patient relationships through use of the built environment. Her primary research interests include macro-cognition in relation to facility design and how the geography of clinical spaces affects communication. Dr. O’Hara can be reached by email at

  • Joseph Singapogu, Ph.D., research assistant professor

    Joseph Singapogu, Ph.D., Embedded Scholar, School of Health Reserach at Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

    Health Care Transformation

    Joseph is developing and implementing devices and computational tools to measure and enhance the quality of care across a continuum.

    Academic Partners, Clemson and GHS

  • Christopher Wilson, Ph.D., postdoctoral fellow

    Postdoctoral fellow Christopher Wilson graduated from Clemson University in December 2016 with a PhD from the Department of Mathematical Sciences. As an embedded scholar, he works alongside researchers in Clemson’s Department of Mathematical Sciences and GHS’s Department of Pediatrics to assist in designing studies as well as analyzing and reporting data. His research interests include statistical applications and analytical methods for interdisciplinary collaborations. Additionally, he is working towards expanding the relationship between GHS pediatric researchers and Clemson’s School of Mathematical Sciences faculty and students. If you are interested in collaborating with Dr. Wilson, he can be reached at