Dr. Robert H. Jones, Excecutive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost at Clemson University, Clemson South CarolinaFrom the Provost

Dear Friends,

We all know that if you don’t have good health, not much else matters. That’s why health research is a passion for many of Clemson’s faculty. Indeed, health-related work is widespread — representing nearly every discipline across our campus. 

There’s John DesJardins who has created the Engaged Knee System for people who have suffered from trauma or a failed knee replacement surgery. Too often these people are left with a knee that no longer works, leading to a fused knee. John and fellow researchers at Clemson invented a new knee implant that allows the patient to lock and unlock fused knees. Although the person will walk with a stiff leg, with the wave of a wand he or she can lock and unlock the knee to sit or stand. The patient will be much more mobile and comfortable.

Architecture professor David Allison has been recognized several times as one of the most influential people in health care design. David is the director of graduate studies in Architecture + Health at Clemson. This program is one of the country’s most comprehensive professional degree programs concentrating on architecture and health. Research by David, his faculty colleagues and students in the program is leading to better designs for health care delivery that are having positive impacts on support care and wellness.

There are hundreds of examples of this type of life-changing work going on at Clemson. You can read about a few more within this website. You can also learn about Clemson University School of Health Research’s (CUSHR) efforts to engage faculty and students across disciplines in applied health research. We are especially proud of the professional learning and immersion experiences that the school has created, including our novel Embedded Scholars and Faculty Fellows program, which brings Clemson faculty and health system partners together for highly focused research collaborations. 

Together with our strategic partner Prisma Health–Upstate, we are advancing health care and building a stronger community in South Carolina. And we are just at the beginning! Investments and success stories are on the rise. Our best days are ahead. 

All the best,
Robert H. Jones, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

About our Leadership

Windsor Sherrill, School of Health Research at Clemson University, Clemson South CarolinaWindsor Sherrill, Ph.D.

Dr. Windsor Westbrook Sherrill serves as associate vice president for health research at Clemson and chief science officer at Prisma Health–Upstate. She is a professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences at Clemson and an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville. She is an award-winning teacher and former health care administrator whose research spans health care finance and administration, medical education, and health disparities.

Coordinating Council

The CUSHR Coordinating Council facilitates research connections across departments and colleges of the university. The members of the Council — Dr. Lawrence Fredendall, Dr. Ronald Gimbel, Dr. Martine LaBerge and Dr. Windsor Sherrill — work together to coordinate innovative health research throughout the university. 

Faculty Scholar Lawrence Fredendall, Ph.D.. at  Clemson University, Clemson South CarolinaLawrence Fredendall, Ph.D.
Director, Institute for the Advancement of Health Care
Professor, Department of Management, College of Business

Dr. Lawrence Fredendall is a respected leader and health researcher from the College of Business. In his role as director of the Institute for the Advancement of Healthcare (IAHC), he has been critical in establishing research partnerships between Clemson faculty and clinicians. He also serves as a key leader for the Embedded Scholars program and is actively involved in several funded research projects, including the use of mobile technology in health care.

Ronald Gimbel, Ph.D.Chair, Department of Public Health SciencesAssociate Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences, College of Health, Education and Human Development Ronald Gimbel, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Public Health Sciences
Associate Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences, College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

As the chair of the Department of Public Health Sciences, Dr. Ronald Gimbel facilitates education and research partnerships with health systems. He brings to the Coordinating Council many years of experience leading research within a health care system. He also serves a mentor for the Embedded Scholars program and is actively coordinating research projects with Prisma Health–Upstate to improve clinical outcomes and community health.

Martine LaBerge, Ph.D.Director, CUBEIncChair, Department of BioengineeringProfessor, Department of Bioengineering, College of Engineering and Science Martine LaBerge, Ph.D.
Director, CUBEInc
Chair, Department of Bioengineering
Professor, Department of Bioengineering, College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences

Dr. Martine LaBerge is a key leader in the development of research relationships with health systems. She has built significant partnerships between clinicians and several Clemson department researchers. As director of CUBEInc, she has been a pioneer in research partnerships between Clemson University and clinical research partners. She provides important insight and leadership within the health care device and solution development research of Clemson’s science and engineering faculty members.