Office of Research

Grants and Contracts Administration

Sponsored research projects at Clemson, which are made possible by federal, state, local and private awards, require the support of thorough and ethical accounting and reporting for post-award dollars. The Grants and Contracts Administration department oversees the accounting, invoicing, fiscal management and effort reporting for each of the thousands of Clemson’s sponsored research projects, from the project beginning through to its completion.  

Grants and Contracts Administration is part of Clemson’s Office of Research. The fiscal managers and the director of Grants and Contracts Administration are available to assist principal investigators, faculty, staff and administration with any post-award fiscal or administrative issue or inquiry related to a sponsored research project.
Responsible and ethical fiscal accounting and reporting for research activities are more than a contractual requirement, they are a Clemson priority. The administrative contributions of Grants and Contracts Administration help to ensure that Clemson University remains a globally-recognized research institution and a leader in the delivery of innovations and benefits to society.