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Mission Statement

The Offices in Enrollment Management strategically utilize the Clemson brand, staff, and the mission of the University to recruit, enroll, retain, and graduate exceptional students in accordance with institutional policies, initiatives, and priorities. It will continue to provide exemplary service to students by leveraging exceptional customer service, resources, knowledge, and the experiences that students need to graduate.

Organizational Chart

Enrollment Management Units

  • Undergraduate Admissions

    The Office of Undergraduate Admissions, in collaboration with other campus units, strives to attract and enroll qualified, talented and diverse undergraduate students. We are committed to providing exceptional service to students and educational partners in an effort to highlight Clemson’s dedication to excellence.

    Undergraduate Admissions Organizational Chart

  • Student Financial Aid

    The Office of Student Financial Aid administers financial aid programs and services to students and their families, striving to increase affordability and enhance student enrollment and graduation. We are dedicated to maintaining fiscal and regulatory integrity, providing timely and accurate information, and ensuring the proper stewardship of all University, federal, state and private funds.

    Student Financial Aid Organizational Chart

  • Scholarships

    The Office of Scholarships is dedicated to providing students and their families with exceptional service and relevant information pertaining to institutional, state and private scholarship opportunities. We aim to maximize available scholarships through responsible stewardship of the funding options and programs at Clemson University.

  • Records and Registration

    The Office of Records and Registration is the steward of official student academic records and is responsible for the accuracy, integrity, and security of those records under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). In partnership with various campus units, we implement, support and uphold academic policies related to class and event scheduling, registration services, enrollment and degree verification, assessment of tuition and fees, grade processing, degree audit configuration, and printing of official academic transcripts and diplomas.

    Records and Registration Organizational Chart