Scholarships are defined as a type of financial aid, in the form of a grant (a sum of money or other aid) that does not have to be repaid by the recipients to assist students as they pursue their studies. Scholarships are most often given to students for a couple of reasons: academic merit/achievement, or financial need (or a combination of both).

Clemson University Scholarships and Grants

University scholarships and grants are awarded to both entering freshmen and upperclassmen.  Scholarship awarding usually occurs twice a year; once in the spring for the next academic year and once in the fall (called make-up awarding) for the spring semester of the current academic year. 

State of South Carolina Programs

The State of South Carolina funds several scholarship programs for residents.

Private (donor-selected) scholarships

Also referred to as non-university scholarships, these awards are funded by various individuals, organizations and companies. Application and awarding procedures vary. A listing of free scholarship search services is provided. All outside funding must be reported to the Financial Aid Office.