Private Scholarships

In addition to the search sites listed below, students can learn about the availability of private scholarships by checking with high school guidance counselors, churches, community organizations and parents' employers. Reference books and scholarship directories are available in local libraries.

All private or outside scholarship assistance must be reported to Clemson University.
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Scholarship search engines are available to assist in locating outside scholarship opportunities.
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Various organizations notify our office of scholarship opportunities available to students.
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Special Note: If you have a private award that you desire to use during co-op, internship, or study abroad semesters, the policy is to return the funds to the donor if you are enrolled in less than 12 credit hours (full-time status).

When you know that you will not be attending classes on campus or will be enrolled less than the minimum 12-hours full-time status in order to complete a co-op, internship, or study abroad semester, it is your responsibility to have your scholarship donor contact the Financial Aid office in writing (by letter or email) giving permission for the use of their award during the period of less than full-time classes on campus.

If this letter is not on file in Financial Aid at the time of enrollment verification (midnight of the last day to withdraw from a class each term) for the semester, the private scholarship will be removed from your student account and the funds returned to the donor.